Mabel’s 1st Birthday Wishlist

I should probably just go ahead and warn you in advance that for the next week leading up to Miss Mabel’s 1st birthday, you all are going to be subjected to all sorts of sappiness, reminiscing, and other birthday related items. I just can’t believe that my baby girl is going to be one! So, starting off the birthday countdown, here is Mabesy’s 1st birthday wishlist.

I had quite a few family members and friends ask me what they could get her for her birthday. And, it’s a funny thing, because with your first baby it’s so easy to think of things to suggest, because you don’t have anything! But, when your big sister is Abigail, you lack for none of the big “1st birthday” items. So, I wracked my brain and came up with some fun and frivolous things to add to her 1st birthday wishlist that Mabel could use and enjoy and are things that big sis doesn’t already have. Mabel's Wishlist

  1. Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair– Abigail got a PBK chair for Christmas shortly after her 1st birthday. She still uses it(or I do!) every single day. I know Mabesy would love having her own chair for her own room, and while these things are a total splurge, they really are awesome!
  2. Freshly Picked Moccasins- My favorite, favorite, favorite shoes for Mabel ever, ever, ever. She wears them always. Before too long she will be ready for the next size up and I’m eyeballing these blush colored moccs for her next pair!
  3. Little Tikes Water Table– Believe it or not, somehow we have never had one of these! We have all of the other fun backyard toys, but have never had a water table. I think both girls would actually love this, so it would be a great addition to our backyard!
  4. Take N Toss Sippy Cups– This poor girl needs some new sippys. Some non hand me down from big sis, chewed up lid, sippys. These are my favorite. Cheap, cute, easy. Done!
  5. RePlay Plates and Utensils– Along the same lines as needing non hand me down cups, she could use some non hand me down plates/bowls/utensils/etc. Also, we just need more plastic servingware for the girls in general.
  6. Fisher Price Tea Set– We have never had this toy and it is so girly and cute!
  7. Clothes, Diapers, & Wipes (Not Pictured)- And, lastly, of course, clothes, diapers, & wipes are all practical, but always so needed! Little girl is growing all of the time and will need all of these things over the next few months!

And because I can’t finish a post about Mabel without an adorable Mabel picture, here you go!


What was on your baby’s 1st Birthday Wishlist?


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  1. Yay Happy almost Birthday Miss Mabel!! The water table is a big hit at our house! And I just picked up some of those Replay dishes for Logan and they’re really nice quality.

  2. Can’t go wrong with a PBK chair! And yes, I sit in ours, too! Quite often, actually! They are crazy comfy, even as a grown adult! 😉 Happy birthday week, Mabel!

  3. Yes to all of this!! We are getting L a riding/pushing toy that turns into a tricycle in a few years. Cam got a water table for his 1st, and it’s still our #1 toy in the summer! I cannot believe she’s going to be ONE! Here’s to hoping there are no tornados like last year! 🙂 xo

  4. we have never had a water table either and i am def thinking one for rocco’s bday is a must!! and yesss anything kitchen related has been such a hit with both of mine and every child that comes over!!

  5. I love those PBK chairs! The tea set should definitely be something you guys get her! Selah got one for her birthday (I think it’s Melissa & Doug) and she plays with it non-stop! I kind of thought she wouldn’t really “get” it for another few months, but she loves playing with the little cups and spoons!!

  6. But like…HOW?!? That was the quickest year ever! These are all great choices…and thost chubby legs in floral are too much!

  7. Gosh she’s cute! And I’m loving this wishlist! I’ve been trying to think of a few things we could get for Oliver for his 1st birthday. He really isn’t in need of much – big brother has plenty of toys. But it would be nice to get him a few special things, so trying to think of a few is kind of challenging. I love the idea of a water table or some other outdoor play thing. And if only that tea set were more boy friendly … it’s so cute! : )

  8. I’m stealing this entire list – minus the water table (we have it, love it, and your girls will, too)!

  9. Great wish list! I LOVE FP moccs, the PB chairs and water table. We used ours all the time and can’t wait to pull it out again this year. Your girls will love it! I’ve also seen people put rice in them once the weather gets cooler so they can get more use out of them. Olive asked for a baby pool float, beach toys, bows and vtech push toy/riding car. Can’t believe baby Mabel is turning one! Let’s always call her baby 🙂

  10. How is little Miss Mabel already turning one!!! Time flies! Can’t wait to read all about her first birthday! Great gift choices on gifts…. We did the PBK anywhere chair and sane water table for Elin’s birthday party.

  11. You get as sappy as you need to, no judging here! All the praise hand emojis for FP and Replay Recycled- such great brands!

  12. I love those PBK chairs but with the CAD exchange and shipping/duty fees there is NO way we could afford one for the kids. Oh well! Great wish list! I can’t believe she’s almost one!!

  13. Yep, yep, and yep! I plan on getting Charlotte a PBK chair for her 1st birthday as we got one for Reese. Those things are great. I hope to buy that water table for the girls this summer! I’m guessing they’ll love it. And I didn’t buy FP moccs for Reese, but I think I’m going to splurge and get some for Charlotte 🙂

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