My Two Sweet Strawberry Girls

Every year the holidays just get more and more and more fun, I swear. Abigail only makes everything way more fun as she gets older and now that we’ve added little sister to the mix too? Well, that just takes the cake!
This Halloween was my favorite so far! Abigail actually went door to door for the very first time, it was baby’s first Halloween, and the matching costume combo was just too much!
I had originally wanted to make the girls both Madeline costumes, but about a month out Abigail changed her mind and requested that she be Strawberry Shortcake instead. And since I was able to find Mabel’s strawberry outfit on the Carter’s website for $10, I was totally sold.
Behold, Strawberry Shortcake and baby Berrykin!
Strawberry Shortcake Wig / Tights / Pink Shoes / Baby Berry Costume (Carter’s- no longer sold)

When my Mom was here back in September, she was absolutely essential in putting together this costume. She sewed the dress and hat for me(and Abigail) and I promise it wouldn’t have looked a quarter as good if I had attempted it! The tights and wig we ordered off Amazon and her shoes are from Target. They’re actually the same exact shoes she wore with her Anna costume last year, just the pink version!

Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, we got to do some trick or treating a day early at Jim’s office on Friday. They always let the kids come in the afternoon and we LOVE getting to do that! It is laid back, non scary, INDOORS, and fun for Jim to show off his family to his co-workers! It’s just great and I’m always so glad we get to do that.

After a successful haul on Friday(but NO Reese’s! WHAT?!) she was primed and ready to go for Saturday!

The weather had been awful all day Friday and Saturday. Cloudy, windy, raining. But, seriously, right around 6 pm the sun came out, it cleared up completely, and the weather was absolute perfection for trick or treating. Abigail didn’t need a coat at all and it was just wonderful!

Mabes got to ride in her stroller and I’m pretty sure it was the comfiest(read: plushest) ride of her life. She is so funny!

Abigail did amazing going door to door! She was constantly checking on me to make sure that I was watching and close by, but after a few houses she was a total pro and handling it all on her own. “Trick or treat!” “Thank you!” “Happy Halloween!” Rock star.

My only Halloween regret is that we didn’t think to bring adult drinks around the neighborhood with us….

We had SO much fun celebrating Halloween with our sweet Strawberry girls! How was your Halloween? If you have a Halloween post, link to it in the comments! I would love to read it!


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  1. I LOVE their costumes! SO SO CUTE! And seriously what a rockstar she was going door to door and saying trick or treat, thank you, and Happy Halloween! So polite.
    Also, what gives on the Reese's?? We barely got any or any good candy (according to my standards). People are getting cheap! Or eating it all themselves before we get there? LOL

  2. I really wanted to get my Halloween post up today, but no time for that with the ROYALS WIN!!!!!!!!!!! Love the matching costumes on your adorable girls, but more importantly, GOOOOOO ROYALS!!!!!!!!! I foresee a trip to KC for you guys tomorrow??

  3. They are the cutest sisters around!! I love their berry theme and their costumes were so sweet. Glad the weather cleared up for y'all. Same thing happened to us – dizzly in the morning and late night, but PERFECT for trick or treating. Kids definitely make the holidays better 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh. Seriously the sweetest costumes I've seen! I agree, kids make holiday's better! I had so much fun dressing Parker up for her first Halloween 🙂

  5. So cute!!! Im glad to hear it was Abigail's first real trick or treat experience too. This was the first year it didnt pour and Kinsey was able to go door to door. Girl lasted like 10 houses before pooping out, haha.

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