Everyone knows that we are absolute die hard Royals fans. And this week, the very best thing that could have ever ever happened FINALLY HAPPENED. We won the World Series! We absolutely crushed the Mets, and it was just even better than we could have hoped it would be!
As I’ve mentioned before, Jim was actually at game 6 of the 85 World Series- in utero. So, he has literally been waiting his entire life for this to happen. It was so awesome to get to watch and cheer and celebrate together.
We watched every single game(the ALCS not being on network television completely eviscerated our October budget as we had to go out to watch all of the games lol) and rocked our Royals apparel all series long. Abigail knows all of the players and all of the cheers(Alex Gordon is her favorite- though we got her a Salvy shirt this year! MVP!) and even got to stay up late with us a few nights to watch the entire games.
The night of game 5 Jim’s dad just happened to be driving near our house and asked if he could come watch the game with us. Little did we know that would be the night we won it all and we are SO glad that he came and watched it with us. It was AMAZING.
So yeah, here’s a little photo recap of our very favorite team, from the very best season, that we’re so thrilled we got to be even the smallest part of this year. And here’s hoping that we can keep doing this again and again! We love you, Kansas City Royals!


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  1. Woooo!!! #foreverroyal I was 4 months old last time, so I too have been waiting my entire life! So proud of our boys and our city!! I went to the parade/rally yesterday – it was NUTS but so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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