Easter Weekend 2018

We had the sweetest little Easter weekend together, just the five of us this year. Finn’s very 1st Easter!

In previous years, we get the kids all dressed up and do Easter baskets and race out the door for church and race home before lunch and naps to try and get pictures….and I just thought, why don’t we do all of this on Saturday when we have nothing going on, instead? And then Sunday can just be for, you know, church.

And let me just say, BEST IDEA EVER.

Everything was laid back and slow and it just made our entire weekend so much more enjoyable.

SO, on Saturday morning I set up the kids Easter baskets (when they were out of the house on a coffee run!) and when they got home, they had the best time going through them together! (You can see what I put in their Easter baskets in this post)

Everything was a massive hit. Mabel seriously can’t get enough of her new sun hat and sunglasses(legit won’t take them off) and Abigail is obsessed with her new jellies sandals and spent the entire afternoon using her new sticker books. So good!

Finn was napping, but once he woke up, he was particularly excited about his Little Blue Truck book (it’s adorable) and now he just needs some teeth so we can use his new toothbrush :p

I’m completely undone over these pictures of Mabel. Can’t even begin to handle it. I’m not sure what aspect is most amazing- I’m obsessed with all of it!

Then, after we finished with baskets and Finn woke up, we got the kids dressed and took pictures in our backyard(and our neighbors!) because it was sunny and 65 outside(compared to actual Easter…which was 30 and raining…)

After pictures, it was time for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt! Jim took the girls while I stayed home with a napping Finn. I told him to make sure to take some pictures for me and he did not disappoint!

They had a blast hunting for eggs with their neighbor friends and it was another fun reminder of what a great neighborhood we get to live in! (They do really fun neighborhood events for the 4th of July and Christmas too!)

On Easter Sunday, we got up and ready for church and actually made it out the door on time! Hallelujah! My “maternity leave” from playing in the church band has ended, so we all got to church early for music practice and then had our actual church service. It was lovely!

After that, we went to a friends home for lunch, came home to take afternoon naps, and then we pretty much just lounged on the couch and in our comfies for the rest of the day. It was perfect!

We had our phones and electronics put away so this is the only photo we got- but it’s kind of the best.

Such a sweet and simple Easter! I loved everything about it (minus the freezing rain. could definitely do without that next year!) and am so thankful for our precious growing family.

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  1. We’ve done Easter outfit pictures not on Easter before too and it is the best! But ours was usually because someone was sick on the actual day, so a less planned reason.
    Glad you could claim some sanity and resting into your weekend!

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