Itty Bitty City

Recently, we had to drive over to Springfield for Mabel’s annual eye exam(to check on her birth mark/hemangioma beside her eye) and I decided that since it would be such a long day for the kids (at least 2 hours in the car, unknown amount of time at a dr. appt) that I would surprise them with a fun excursion beforehand.

Months ago, when the girls were watching PBS one morning, Abigail saw a preview for this place called “Itty Bitty City”. She went on and on and on about how fun it looked- SO I finally looked into it and decided to surprise the girls with a trip there the morning of the Dr. appointment.

My plan was to drive through Starbucks(of course), spend all morning at Itty Bitty City to get the wiggles out from the car ride over, have some lunch, head to the Dr., and then hopefully reap the benefits of some car naps on the way home that afternoon. (Spoiler alert: my plan worked flawlessly)

I was a little nervous that it would be a dud, because I had seen some reviews on their FB page about it being “small” or “disappointing” and I have to admit that it is pretty tough for me to find a place that my 7.5 year old AND my almost 3 year old can enjoy equally. I knew that Mabel would love it, but I was worried that Abigail would be let down and bored.

I could not have been more wrong!

Itty Bitty City was absolutely FANTASTIC.

It was a well oiled machine- honestly, probably the best kid’s place I have ever been to. They have hand washing stations before you can even enter to play. HAND WASHING MACHINES!

Then, there are workers constantly patrolling around, putting toys back, CLEANING, tidying up, sanitizing, etc, etc. It was amazing.

There were endless things for the girls to do, pretend play, crafts, dress up, water tables, train tables, painting, and more. (and when Finn gets a little bigger, there was a 2 and under corner with fun baby things as well!)

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from our first(but certainly not our last!) visit to Itty Bitty City. It was the best!

We played for two full hours and easily could have stayed even longer AND the girls are already making plans to go back when Grammy comes for her next visit!

We’ve also talked about making it Mabel’s birthday celebration (since her birthday falls on a Wednesday) to make her actual day special. So, we’ll see!

If you’re local and interested in visiting Itty Bitty City yourself here is their website and their FB page!

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  1. This looks great! Thanks for posting, Courtney! We have been to one in Milwaukee, but this one looks like a great place to take the grands! And a WIN for you, directly behind Starbucks!! : )

    1. Oh, sorry! It wasn’t the exact same thing, but a similar place! In fact, we went to their Children’s Museum and they had something similar also. The play place was sort of messy so I was glad to hear that this one was neater.

  2. How cute, these are a great idea!! We have them here but they call them The Children’s Museum. So nice to be able to just let them play and have fun. It sounds like they keep things extra clean where ya’ll went which is fantastic!

  3. This is a lot like (but larger than) the children’s area of the Perot Museum in Dallas. Looks so fun for the kiddos!

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