Purple Party Food Ideas

We had the most amazing, wonderful, and fun time celebrating our girl’s 3rd purple birthday party this weekend with family and friends! I only managed to take roughly 350 pictures from her party alone, so I decided that I should break up the pictures a bit to keep from totally overwhelming y’all and myself. I have it divvied up into three parts: The food, the decorations, and the celebration. I hope you’ll stick around to see all three posts!!
Disclaimer: Everyone needs a mom, a mother in law, and two grandma’s to help put together a birthday party. It makes it run smoothly, effortlessly, and perfectly. They made this party as great as it was- so thank you. {everyone give them a round of applause}
Obviously, the theme of this party was “purple”. That’s it. No additional theme. Just straight up- purple.

Purple Party Food

Deviled Eggs
Little Smokies
Sugar Cookies
Sugar cookies with Royal Icing.
Perhaps someday I’ll share the recipe and put together a tutorial. 
Today is not that day 🙂
Purple Popcorn
Purple Deviled Eggs
Purple Jello Jigglers in this silicone mold
Every one’s favorite birthday party food item returned this year…with a bit of purple flare.
Bacon wrapped little smokies with purple pennant toothpicks!
Black Grapes
Red Grapes
The drink station!
1/2 sprite, 1/2 water, 2 packages of berry pomegranate crystal lite
Purple Tray / Polka Dot Straws / Mason Jars / Mason Jar Lids 

Very exciting beverage choice….water!
 Purple Cups
The dessert table!
Pretzel rods dipped in almond bark with purple food coloring and drizzled with melted almond bark.
Rock Candy
Walmart just so happened to have birthday ice cream IN PURPLE CUPS.
 I mean, how perfect is that??
Purple Candy Sticks
This. Cake.
My Mom went and did it again. {I did the food coloring…but uh, that was it.}
Just what I wanted. A Purple Ombre cake.
I love how it turned out!
That’s it!
The food turned out exactly how I hoped {minus the cake pop sized candied apples…I’ll have to talk about that big, giant fail sometime} and we weren’t stuck with loads of food leftover. It was plenty for everyone to enjoy and perfect for snacking on the rest of the weekend too 🙂

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