My Father’s World Kindergarten

The school year has finally started in the Spena house! After much prayer and deliberation about whether to start Abigail in Kindergarten this year or not, we decided to just go for it. Other than having an early November birthday, this girl was far and away ready to start Kindergarten.

We would have started school last week, but our beach vacation pushed us back a few days. So our first day was yesterday! We’re hoping to finish sometime in May and plan to do school five days a week.

Of course I had to take first day of school pictures!

This dress is my very own personal tide commercial. If she isn’t running around in her underwear around the house, she’s wearing this dress. (Hence the wrinkling….I shudder)

The only way I can get her to smile for pictures is to promise her a silly photo as well. So, there that is.
We decided to go with My Fathers World Kindergarten curriculum.
I love how it lays out the lesson plans for me and how it focuses a lot on reading and exploring outside- two of the most important things that I want for her right now. I am a huge believer in learning through play still at this point, so I didn’t want a huge and hard core structured “sit down and do your lesson” school for this year.
We’ll probably incorporate more of that next year for 1st, but for this year, I still wanted school to have a very casual feel to it.
My Father’s World Kindergarten also pairs wonderfully with everything that we did in Confessions of A Homeschooler Pre-K last year.
Taking a letter a week and building a lesson plan around that.
Love it! Abigail is super close to reading on her own, so I’m hoping that this year will really help her be able to do that as well as continue to improve her writing skills and maybe start to learn a little math!

The first two weeks of the curriculum are reviewing all of her letters and numbers along with going through the creation story. A great way to start of a new year of learning!

A homeschool mother’s sustenance. Coffee and water!Our first day went exceptionally well and I can’t wait to see where this school year takes us! I always worry a lot before starting, but once we get into it things feel natural and just seem to flow and fall into place.

Making both of us very happy!

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  1. ahhh you are amazing!! i love that you're homeschooling her!! i have the hugest temptation to do that as im still not loving the idea of public school [and ahem.. husband not loving the cost if private] but we will have to see! i hope you have lots of updates on this because i love it!! i know she will do great, too. i have a november birthday and i was 5 when i started kindergarten! is that the same for abigail? and ps her little maxi dress is amazing. i'd be wearing it all the time too if i were her!!

  2. What a smart cookie you have! I love that homeschooling gives you the flexibility to start her in Kindergarten now because public/private schools have rules that would have made that impossible.

  3. I'm looking forward to these Spena school updates! I'm doing a preschool setting here again this year where we are doing a weekly theme along with a letter of the week.

  4. happy first day of school!! and dare i say that girl has muscles for handing the glue like that?! lex only glues with glue in a bowl with a paint brush. . . and dont even get me started on scissors. she's going to be the kid who cuts her own bangs i just know it!

  5. Awe! I love it! Keep us updated on how she is doing! I have always liked get idea of homeschooling but Sydney and I don't have the personalities to work together on school like that. She learns better from someone who isn't her parent. Lol

  6. Sounds like a perfect first day! You are so wonderful for homeschooling her! Liam has a summer birthday, and I'm so torn about school with him. It may seem silly but I don't really want him to always be the youngest & the smallest in his class (and for sports), but he is typically ahead of his peers socially & mentally. Ahh!

  7. Happy beginning of the school year to you! I like the set-up of that manual–it's definitely handy to have everything you're supposed to do lined up in one place where you can check it all off!

  8. Very nice! I wish I could homeschool but with the daycare I don’t think I could find the time 🙁 Ethan is going to school at our church instead, which is a whole other can of worms! I need uniforms, husband will have to take time to pick him up – it would almost be easier to let him stay home!

    I bet she’ll be reading in no time!

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