Destin 2015

This year’s trip to Destin was seriously the best vacation ever. We’ve been going to Destin for five years now, but this trip takes the cake! Abigail was seriously so much fun(she has turned into such a little fishy!), having Mabel with us(who last year did not even exist yet), and we timed our trip over Labor Day weekend so we were able to squeeze out a few extra days that we don’t normally get. So yeah, it was all around wonderful.
We hit all of our favorite restaurants, enjoyed the beach and pool every day(seriously, the weather was 100% perfect the entire time we were there), managed to not get sunburned at all, took Abigail to Build A Bear for her vacation souvenir, played games every night, headed back to the “mamusement park” that we have visited for the last two years for rides and putt putt, and just enjoyed every little thing that we could manage.
Here are all of our pictures from our trip, they’re pretty self explanatory, so no need to narrate every photo. Enjoy- we certainly did! 🙂

Both girls traveled so amazingly well. I couldn’t believe it! We bought travel bags for the car seats and checked them with our luggage, so all we had to carry around was the diaper bag, laptop bag, and Abigail’s backpack(plus seahorse, naturally)

As I said before, the beach and pool was absolutely perfect. The weather was wonderful every single day(seriously!), the water was clear, the sand was white, and since everyone else is back in school we practically had the beach to ourselves!

This picture makes me LOL, Little sister will PULL your hair out from the roots, man.

 The twins.

We were able to go to some of our very favorite restaurants while in Destin! McGuire’s, Crab Trap, The Back Porch, and The Donut Hole to name a few!

One afternoon Jim took Abigail to a matinee showing of Shaun the Sheep. She was so, so excited about it and they had a wonderful time. Jim is SUCH a good daddy.

After we had dinner at The Back Porch, Grammy and Pappy drove Mabel back to the condo and the three of us took an evening walk back to our unit! It was perfect.

We didn’t get a picture of Abigail’s finished project- but she chose a snow leopard, named it “Snowy”, and dressed it in a purple sparkly dress(of course) with bright red shoes.

The night we went to the “mamusement” park was so. stinkin. fun. We all went on the bumper boats(minus Daddy and Mabel) and it was the funniest thing I think I’ve ever done. We couldn’t stop laughing about it the entire night.

Before we got on we called a no water truce, but Abigail and Grammy broke the truce approximately 10 seconds into the ride. So we ended up chasing each other around and spraying each other. My Dad was the perfect height to just get drilled right in the face and it was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. When we got off the boats we were all soaked. Totally worth it though.

Look at their devious faces! What a team.

Mabel has always been a water baby so she enjoyed her very brief stints in the pool and ocean. I basically brought her down for photo ops and then one of us took her right back up to the room. But we had to be sure to get her feetsies into the ocean at least one time!

We went and played putt putt one evening, and with some excessive four year old wrangling, we made it through all 18 holes and I managed to beat her by a few strokes :p

Jim and I had a few afternoons where the stars aligned and both girls were asleep and my parents offered to keep an eye on them so we could spend a few hours down at the water together. We never made it on a date night- this wasn’t really the year for that- so this was perfect. We had tons of time to just talk and laugh and focus on us for a bit.

One evening an amazing rainbow showed up over the ocean and we just had to get some pictures with it! It was so incredibly beautiful. I love how seeing a rainbow never gets old.

And that’s it! Hopefully, until next year, Destin! Thank you for always being so good to us!


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  1. Vacation perfection!! I loved seeing what you were up to and so glad the weather was great. My sister and her fam were in Destin at the same time. She said the week was glorious!! Loved all your cute swim suits and the girls looked darling as always. Glad you were able to sneak in a few extra days this year. Your pictures make me want to head to Destin ASAP 🙂

  2. LOVE the pics, seems like you guys had a blast. The pics of you and Jim- too cute, you can tell you guys are still so in love
    AND YOUR SWIMSUITS are super darling, I know we talked about that a few weeks back, slammin mama!

  3. I'm glad you guys had such a nice time. It looks beautiful! I love your suit! And how is baby Mabel looking so big already?! Slow down, little one.

  4. This looks AMAZING! We definitely need to plan a beach vaca for our family next year! I took a girls trip to Anna Maria Island pre-kiddos and it was the best trip! Destin looks just as gorgeous. Also–GIRL. you look amazing for having two kiddos, especially how young Mabel is! Teach me your ways!

  5. Best vacation ever! Your pictures every year make me want to go to Destin! I wish it was closer. I feel like I shouldn't want to go to the beach because I love right by it and flying across the country doesn't really make sense for that but seriously, Destin looks and sounds amazing! I don't know how I've never been there since we used to go to Palm Beach every year to visit my grandparents. My parents held out on me!

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