Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a completely wonderful and happy Thanksgiving this year. My parents flew in from Phoenix and we all celebrated together at my brother’s home in Kansas City. They bought their new place back in May, so it was really exciting to get to celebrate their first big holiday there all together!

It was laid back, easy going, and so much fun. We got to visit with each other, eat lots of food, and really savor a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend together.

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Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! As I was getting my second plate of food, Mabel climbed up and fell down into the coffee table and split the tie between her top lip and gums. It was bloody and sort of tramautic! Gah! But luckily she was totally okay- and it resulted in my brother going to Walmart on Black Friday night for infant tylenol and beer….which ended up being really hilarious.

img_6281 img_6285 img_6286 img_6305

We played lots of games and the girls enjoying getting out of the house to explore around outside! This unseasonably warm November has been perfect for that.


One afternoon we met up with Jim’s brother and sister and did “The Exit Room”. It was Jim and my first experience with something like this and it was a great time!


On the Friday after Thanksgiving we snuggled on the couch and watched the original Grinch. Both girls just loved it!


Then, on Saturday before we left, we stopped to play at this amazing park right by my brother’s house. Jim and I joked that we needed to move back to Kansas City just for this incredible park, lol.



It was such a wonderful holiday to spend with family and we are already counting down the days to Christmas!


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  1. I love that picture of the 4 of you- everyone’s smiling and looking at the camera! 🙂 Also, Mabel in those sunglasses! She is just too cute! Sounds like a great holiday spent with family 🙂

  2. Seriously Mabes in the sunglasses, I cannot handle that. Rockstar baby. And I spy Catan! I can’t tell which version though. Does Abigail understand how to play??

  3. Mabel in that hat. I die. I mean, every time I see her, she makes me melt a little bit more! How do you stand it?! I love your daughters! So glad you all had a Happy Thanksgiving – and that one of you was able to get some quality Black Friday shopping in 😉 hahah. Love it.

  4. So many things about this post that I love: KANSAS CITY! Food! Mabel in those stunner shades! The Exit Room!! (My sisters–in-law have done that a few times and I’m dying to check it out.)
    Perfect holiday weekend right there!

  5. What fun! I’ve wanted to do one of those Exit rooms too–there’s one in NWA and I’m hoping we can do it while we’re there for Christmas! The picture of Mabel in the sunglasses are perfect!

  6. Playing catch-up! I’ve been traveling and got behind. It looks and sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with quality family time. So sorry about Mabel’s incident! I pray she’s feeling much better. I’ve always wanted to do the “exit room”. It sounds like a blast. That park does look amazing. Love the pictures.

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