My Pa

After an almost two year battle with bile duct cancer, my grandpa- “Pa”, went to be with Jesus on Thursday, November 2nd.

Finn and I flew down to Florida on Monday and we had his Memorial Service yesterday. It was a lovely and wonderful time of remembrance and love for an amazing, amazing man.

I had the opportunity to speak something during the service, so I thought that I would write down what I shared here as well:

Hi everyone. I’m Courtney and I’M the one who named him “Pa”. He thought that he was going to be “Papaw” but nope- I made him my Pa and in return, I became his Queenie, Rootin tootin raspberry, and RTR- for short, of course. 

I have him to thank for changing his destiny to give me the wonderful family and the amazing life that I have today.

Some of you may know that he had a dark, hard, scary, and uncertain childhood. But as he grew into a man, he knew for certain, that he would do everything in his power to have a different life for his family. And that choice has led to the life that I️ get to love and enjoy today. 

He hand selected and chose the most kind, beautiful, and wonderful woman to build his home with, my Mimi. And together, they grew a family that gave the world my Mom and my amazing Aunt. 

But more important than choosing my Mimi, he chose Jesus. 

And because of that life changing decision, my Mom met my Dad, and because of that, you have me. 

Because of him, I got to have a childhood filled with over the top(I mean I’m talking ridiculously extravagant) Christmases, Mimi’s in cardboard boxes, fishing trips together to Minnesota every summer, and trips to Disney(and one of those included two of my babies!) 

He taught me how to spit, he taught me how to fish(but spoiled me and never made me bait my hook), he danced with me at my wedding, and he has the footprints of all three of my babies on his bible- so that he could pray over them every single day. 

He was an amazing grandfather- everything a little girl could ever hope for and more. I’m going to miss him terribly, but I know that today he is worshipping, celebrating, and resting in the words of our Savior “well done, good and faithful servant.” And I️ look forward to the day when I️ will get to join him there. 

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  1. oh you are the sweetest granddaughter. what you spoke is so beautifully said! what a blessing to your whole family he was, and i know he will be missed. i am SO sorry for your loss.

  2. So sorry to hear about your grandfather. I lost both of my grandmothers in the last 2 months so I know how hard it is. I also spoke at one of their funerals so I also know how hard that is! What sweet memories you have. ❤️

  3. So sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great man. Glad to hear he had a relationship with Jesus. My husband lost his grandfather on the same day, November 2nd. Maybe they’re both hanging out in Heaven!

  4. Courtney!! I have tears rolling down my cheeks. I love your speech and all of your precious memories with your Pa. But the part that got me so big was that he has the footprints of your three babies in his bible so that he can pray over them. Now I’m crying ugly tears! Oh how I love that. What an amazing man your Pa was.

  5. “and he has the footprints of all three of my babies on his bible- so that he could pray over them every single day”
    That is so awesome! He sounds like a truly amazing person. Thank you for sharing your memories of him with us.
    And as most of your posts do to me, tears fall. I’m sorry that you have lost him but you will see him avain one day.

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