Mimi & Pa

I have the greatest grandparents in the world. I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have four grandparents who are healthy, young, and always so involved and interested in my life. They have always supported me and loved me and well, yes, I do believe that they have spoiled me profusely.

This last weekend was particularly fun because my Mom’s set of parents came and visited us for the weekend. They live in Florida half the year and Indiana the other half, so while they are a much closer driving distance from IN to MO, they make it a point to come see me(and maybe also my husband and girls, hehe)

Abigail wrote this on her whiteboard while they were here all by herself. I think she’s just as smitten with my grandparents as I am.

These pictures are a pretty huge deal because the long running joke about my Pa is that he won’t hold babies until they can hold their heads on straight.

But, alas, he decided to be VERY brave and took a chance holding the Mabes. Fortunately for him, she took it pretty easy on him 😉

Mimi and Pa and their two great-grands!

I can always get a good smiling picture out of Abigail if I promise she can do a silly picture too. So, here ya go. A silly picture. Possibly my favorite.

The next day we got to spend the entire day at our house and my little brother and his wife came down for the afternoon. It was really fun to get to spend some time all together and to catch up a bit.

The next day we got to worship together at church(sadly, no photo), but it was wonderful to get to finish our weekend together doing our very favorite thing- worshiping Jesus!

As always, we look forward to our next chance to be together. Probably Miss Abigail’s birthday in November!

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  1. What priceless memories! Hallie only met my Nana once before she passed. Thank God I got a photo as she was my last Grandparent! She was a special lady! Hope you have many more special moments with your sweet grandparents!

  2. that is so great that you have such wonderful grandparents. unfortunately, i only have the one (and have only ever had her) but she more than makes up for the lack of the other 3. i hope my nana gets to meet my future kids one day! i think it's so great they get to hang out with your girls as well. so sweet!

  3. These pictures are so priceless! I'm so glad that you still have your grandparents! I had such a special relationship with my Mom's parents & only wish that Cash & Bean would have been able to meet them! I know you will treasure these moments. 🙂

  4. I am obsessed with your girls. They are SO CUTE!!! And I really think that my Kensington and your Mabel make the exact same faces. How funny!!!

  5. Aw I love this! You're so lucky that your grandparents are alive and in good health – I wish all the time that mine or Chris' were. What special memories for your family!

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