2 Months Of Mabel

Mabel is two months old! I am absolutely loving having a baby in our home. She has brought us so much happiness and joy and love and it is absolutely wonderful. While she is starting to exit that sleepy, curled up newborn stage, we’re still in the sweet and snuggly leetle baby stage and it is beyond precious.
So let’s see what Miss Mabel has been up to this month!

We just had her two month check up yesterday and she clocked in at 11 lbs 3 oz and 22 inches long. Putting her at 48% and 30% respectively. (Just for kicks and giggles, I dug out Abigail’s baby book and she was 11 lb 14 oz 24 inches long at her 2 month appointment. But she was bigger to start with when she was born. So the girls seem to be on almost the same exact growth curve!)

At her appointment she got three shots and one oral vaccine. Her cry was the saddest thing I’ve ever heard and I almost cried myself- which is pretty unusual. But it just sounded so sad! She had one bout of yucky reaction to them, a few hours after her appointment she just screamed and screamed and cried and was writhing in pain. It was HORRIBLE. Mabel never, ever cries. So to hear her like that was traumatic for all of us. I finally caved and gave her some tylenol and about half an hour later she finally fell asleep. After that she was just fine. Whew! Anyway, everything about her checked out 100% perfect.

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed before, but she has these purple spots right outside of her left eye. I brought them up at her appointment because she has had them since the day she was born. At first I attributed it to a bruise from delivery, but since it hasn’t ever gone away I was curious as to what they think it is. It is a different color than her “stork bites” on her forehead and the back of her head(those are red/pink) so I wasn’t sure what to think. The NP(our pedi had been called into the hospital right before we got there) wants us to keep an eye on it. She said she thinks it might be a hemangioma, though she thought it was unusual that it was present on delivery day since they usually show up a little later. So anyway, she said that if something changes that concerns me about it not to hesitate to call, but otherwise they’ll just keep track of it at her appointments. Her vision is certainly not affected by it at this point as her eyes look good and track/follow as she looks around, but we want to pay attention to it just in case!

This month continues to be filled with happiest baby you’ve ever seen. She is super laid back and chill. She loves to be held the most but she is perfectly content with being set down. She smiles with her whole face and body and coos and talks back to you. She has rolled up onto her side a few times(and surprised herself each time! hilarious!) and holds her head up really well.

She is currently in size 1 diapers and wearing 0-3 month clothes, but I think she’ll only be in both for another week or so. She’s super close to outgrowing all of those things!

Mabel is an excellent communicator! She doesn’t cry and get really upset, but she still lets us know what it is that she is wanting via grunts, coos, and small fusses.

Although, she does have this one specific(and hilarious) cry that she does when it’s time to eat but I change her diaper first. Whenever I pick her up at eating time she does this really funny super fast breathing like SHES SO EXCITED TO EAT and if I set her down to change her pants first she is just so bewildered by it that she has to let me know what she thinks. I can’t help but laugh every time because it’s surprisingly super dramatic lol.

We’re still exclusively breastfeeding. Mabel eats every 2-4 hours. It usually is every 3 but sometimes she gets extra hungry or extra sleepy. Babies 🙂

We have had one 5 hour middle of the night stretch, but that’s because she was sleeping on my chest. Typically she sleeps in her Rock N Play beside my bed but every now and again she gets to sleep on Mommy. She usually just eats every 3 hours around the clock. Mabel always eats efficiently! She eats on both sides and is done in about 15 minutes. I haven’t been pumping, so she hasn’t ever had a bottle. But that’s alright by me! Breastfeeding is one of my most favorite things in the whole world.

Being a second child + a summer baby, Mabel has been so many places! She just happily comes everywhere with us. To the park, the store, the splash pad, the drive in, the mall, restaurants, and church. She either hangs out in her car seat or in the solly baby wrap. This month she made her first trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Kansas City, attended a Royals game, and celebrated the 4th of July!
Mabel loves bath time, Mama, nursing, being held, her rock n play, her orange pacifier, and well, basically everything. She has no dislikes.
And for fun, here are a few more Mabel faces from this month!
Our sweet Mabesy. We postively adore you! Even though you’ve been here for two months, we still have a hard time believing you are actually ours! We can’t get over how wonderful you are. You are just the sweetest thing and we are so incredibly thankful for you!


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  1. She is so adorable! Ben reacted to his shots in a similar way as well. Lily didn't ever cry once they were over. He on the other hand started getting fussy about an hour later and then it just became absolutely inconsolable no matter what I did a few hours later. I finally gave him Tylenol which allowed him to calm down enough to rest then he was completely normal. Talk about your nerves being shot. I wonder if it'll happen after each dose of the Dtep?

  2. she is the cutest!
    I definitely know what you mean by those traumatic cries. Ella had some serious gas pains last night & was bawling her head off. It scared me because crying is not her norm. craziness.
    I'm so glad you have Mabel. You're such a rockstar mom.

  3. Two months of Mabel, truly fantastic! Her expressions are the best. My oldest was bigger at monthly check ins dispite both girls being born at the same weight/length. Puts to rest those rumors about subsequent kids being bigger lol.

  4. How is she already two months old?! So fun that she is staring to be more awake and "play" more. She is such a doll and I just want to give her a little squish! She sounds like the best little baby, and I'm so glad she is in your sweet family!

  5. She is truly gorgeous!!!! What a blessing! And agree- breastfeeding is my fav thing too- I'm about ready to stop with my baby girl now that she's almost 13 months and it's so bittersweet!! Enjoy those baby snuggles!

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