Mabel’s Newborn Pictures

So many thanks to Aaron Wilcox Photography for once again taking amazing pictures of our family. He has taken Abigail’s 1 year and 2 year photos and our family photos last fall, when, funny enough, Mabel was about the size of a poppy seed. Unbeknownst to us.
I wanted to do a laid back life style shoot at home, with pictures that captured our new family in our own environment, and, of course, focused on sweet little Mabel. She was two weeks old the day we took these pictures. Aaron captured exactly what I was wanting and I can promise you that I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite photo because I love them all. So much.
White Headband- Zozu Baby
Coral Flower Headband- Little Blooms Handmade
Mabel Blanket- Atkinson Drive
Floral Swaddle- Little Unicorn Official
Dress- Target
Bow- Sadie Sky Boutique


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  1. OMG Abigail's faces in some of these are making me crack up. Such a silly. Also, Jim looks in absolute heaven surrounded by his girls. And of course, go you, Miss Kate Middleton 🙂 Gorgeous!!!

  2. oh my freaking jeepers. first i was like, ok the one of you in the chair with Mabel is my fave. Oh but no that one with Jim and her, so sweet. That's my favourite. Okay but oh look at this one of Abigail and Mabel where Abigail is on the floor looking up? Cutest freaking picture I have ever seen. and then I got to the family photos!
    Seriously, they are all precious and you need to print them all out and plaster your home with them.
    Meanwhile, I just love the more relaxed 'lifestyle' pictures. That's totally what I want (one day).

  3. How will you ever pick a favorite?? I love the family shots, the sister shots, the abigail and you smiling at each other shot, the crib shots, oh man… I love them all. Glad you captured this sweet time on camera.

  4. Holy baby fever! These are gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the ones with Abigail and Mabel and LOVE the family photos!!! And love the ones of her in her crib. Umm, so basically I love all of these. Beautiful, just beautiful. I'm so happy for you guys!

  5. So many gorgeous and adorable photos! And you look amazing at two weeks postpartum. We didn't do professional newborn photos with my first son and I still regret that so we're definitely getting them done this time around. Love the way yours look like a normal day in your lives 🙂

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