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I posted this picture to social media 4 days after I had Mabel, outside of the restaurant where we had her little baby shower luncheon with Jim’s co-workers.And then I broke the internet.

Not really, but it kind of seemed that way. I had a few people ask me how in the world I did it, to write a post or two about postpartum recovery, and there might have been a few Kate Middleton references(if that was you, God bless you and keep you forever)

I’m no expert. I’ve only had two babies. But this is what I have done to help me get back to “normal” as quickly as possible.

And lest you think I’m a freak of nature or something- I’m still the same night sweating, milk leaking, bleeding, and healing Mama as anyone else.

Okay, here we go- Courtney’s Postpartum Tips & Tricks

One: My Mom is here to help
This is the biggest and most important one. My “job” while Mom is here is to rest, recover, and to feed and take care of Mabel.

Pretty much all I do at home is lay on the couch/bed, nurse constantly, and shower/get ready when I feel like handing over my baby for snuggles. Which isn’t that often because I’m a newborn baby hog.

Two: Wear black. Wear stretchy fabrics. Choose flattering angles.

In the above picture, I am doing all three things. Black is everyone’s favorite color to wear for a reason. It is smoothing and slimming.

By wearing a black (nursing) tank, paired with a black skirt, it gives a much better body illusion than if I had broken things up with multiple colors. My scarf covers up my nursing accessibility, and my cardigan covers up my back fat.

Additionally, I’m standing in a way that is more flattering and I also have a baby in a blanket covering up most of my tummy.

Three: Use a belly bandit.
I used oneย with Abigail religiously. This time around I pretty much only wear it when I’m going out and about and go free when I’m around the house, but it helps me feel SO much better.

Just less “loose” and flabby, and more put together. If you’ve been thinking about investing in one of these I highly recommend it!

Four: Take your pain pills, drink lots of water, eat plenty of food.
I have hardly taken anything this time around, but if I feel a little crampy or yucky, no reason to be a martyr. I take a few ibuprofen and it helps me feel way better.

Along with this, I’ve been chugging the water out of my “cool souvenir from the hospital” (as Abigail says) and have been forcing myself to eat plenty- even though my appetite strangely hasn’t really returned yet since delivery.

Five: Do your hair and makeup, only if you feel like it!ย 

I am a minimalist when it comes to hair and make up anyway- maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to get a post about my routine- but it only takes me about five minutes to do my makeup and if I actually take the time to style my ย hair, I don’t wash it for a few days to get some more wear out of it.

I don’t mind going fresh faced at home, but I always toss something on and pull my hair up/back/pinned before heading out anywhere.

And that’s pretty much it.

What are your best postpartum tips and tricks? 

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  1. I remember the exact day I felt human again after having Connor… November 15th, 16 days after having him. I left him at home (gasp!) and went and got my hair done. I then meet him and James at Cracker Barrel and ate my weight in chicken and dumplings. BEST DAY EVER. It felt so good to have a bit of me time to think, reflect, wonder… we were 6 weeks away from moving across the country so I needed a moment to breath.
    I applaud you for rocking being a Mom of 2, one who leaves the house and gets dressed. But I bet there are days when none of those things happen and that makes you just as awesome in my eyes as when you do.

  2. Love your honesty – instead of letting people think you're a freak of nature, you put it right out there how you did it. And that's why I love you:) You are rocking the mama to 2 thing!

  3. You really are a unicorn. I had to go to my brothers wedding the day after i got out of the hospital and i was a HOT MESS. And barely walking. And you-
    Your gloriously glamorous and adorable and rocking that babe!

  4. You were really rocking it post partum! But I swear it mostly has to do with your natural birth! My recover was so different this time than it was with Liam! Many people said it was because it was my second baby, but I'm not sure I'm buying that!

  5. These are great tips! I agree that having help from a parent is the best though – my MIL came and cleaned and cooked for us every day after Abbie was born and it was nice to just focus on Abbie.

  6. Kate, I totally see it. That is good advice. I wear a lot of black not because I just had a baby but I do fall into the plumperish category so that and the cardigans have become my best friends lately. This is really good advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Seriously, you look fantastic and it shows that you feel good and really thats all that matters. Second baby delivery and recovery were so much easier I feel, and having an older child to 'keep up with' motivated me to get out if the house. These tips are spot on!

  8. These are great tips and I will have to keep them in mind if we ever have a # 2. But I have to be honest and say… I use some of them now! LOL. Black is my best friend as are scarves ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. You are a rock star. And look amazing. And have some pretty stellar tips.
    It took me forever and a day to feel "normal" again after Marcus, and I'm really hoping things will be a little different this time around. However, I did learn from him that black and stretchy are more than mandatory. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. These are all great tips! I was intrigued by the belly bandit last pregnancy, but never tried it. I might have to give it a go this time around!!

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