One YEAR Of Finn!

Can you believe it?! We have a ONE YEAR OLD little boy in the house! It was simultaneously the fastest and slowest year of my life. The fastest, in that, he turned one….in like a day. The slowest, in that, it still takes me forty days and forty nights to ever leave my house and get anywhere for, literally, anything. Three kid time warp, I still have yet to conquer thee.

Anyway, he’s still (mostly) the most precious, charming, sweetest little man man you ever did see. Smiling, waving, laughing, go with the flowing little dude.

On to his stats!

Finn’s 12 Month Stats!

Size: At his check up he was 30 in (54%) and 22.8 lb (68%) which was great. (For comparisons sake, Mabel was 18 lb 15 oz and 28 in- which totally surprised me! I had forgotten about that!)  We think we caught him just before another height growth spurt, because he fell a bit in his height percentile- but overall he was perfectly healthy and wonderful. Iron levels great, no issues with lead, and took his shorts like an absolute champ. Hardly even cried. What a stud.

Breastfeeding: Still nursing 2x a day! When he first wakes up and when I put him to bed. Honestly, I’m not sure how much he even cares. I think I could wean him tomorrow and he’d be like, “peace, Ma” but 1) I am NOT READY for that and 2) I’d really love for him to have some of that extra immunity boost come winter….so we’re going to keep at it for as long as he’ll tolerate me 😉

Eating: He adores fruit and peanut butter sandwiches. Eggs, sausage, waffles, and pancakes too. He loves cheese and turkey, chili, spaghetti, and taco night. Basically- he eats whatever we give him. But has started this really fun trend of throwing it all on the floor when he decides he is finished. Sigh- such a fun stage.

Sleeping: Best of the three kiddos! Goes to bed around 6:30 and we typically don’t see him again until 6:30-7 the next morning. Sometimes he needs a paci replacement, but Jim handles those since me going in there always ends in a midnight snack.

Loves: His pacifiers (though not particular about style or type), bath time, playing with his sisters, being held, making lots of noise, balls, playing catch, watching his 1st birthday video.

Hates: Having his diaper changed. Being hungry. Sitting in his high chair when he decides he is full.

Milestones: Pulling up and cruising. Throwing a ball. Finally grew one tooth!

Looks Like: Baby Abigail the most (I think) but also me, and Jim.

Comparison Pictures!

Happy ONE YEAR Finner! We love you SO MUCH!

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