2 Years Of Finn!

As time continues to just speed right along (wait? it’s October?!) (wait?! my baby is already two!?) this little guy had his 2nd birthday back on September 15th.

It was kind of a totally crazy weekend as family came in and out and my sister in law went into labor and my parents left and came back and left again for that. Total whirlwind!

He had the most special day but I didn’t take pictures at all (literally don’t even know what is wrong with me) and completely spaced on getting ANY family photos. So, here is what we have from Finn’s 2nd birthday.

A small party at home. A new tent. A garbage truck cake made by Grammy.

The night before we set up his tent…..around midnight lol. That parent life, am I right??

Was a total hit and worth it the next morning though! He says, “house! house! house! house!” on repeat.

Everyone went to church and came home for lunch and then naps. After that, the rest of the family arrived, we turned the Chiefs game on the TV, and had some cake!

Finn ate all of the candy off of the side, haha and blew out his candles like a total expert!

Which is why he has frosting on his shirt in all of the rest of these pictures. Ha!

Getting his new stuffed animal wolf from my sister in law…..

…..and his wolf being taken by Mabel (she still hasn’t given it back)

My Mimi had the genius idea to get him a bunch of fun dress up hats for him to wear and play with. Huge hit!

And that was that!


1 year

2 years!

Basically a grown man now, am I right!?

Some of his favorite things are (in no particular order):

His pacis

His stuffed animal doggies

His sisters

Graham crackers and goldfish

Going outside

Current favorite: “Metal Man” i.e. The Iron Giant

Building forts


Getting into trouble, shenanigans, climbing and jumping off of things, running, and falling down. The usual.

We are all so smitten with this little boy and so dang thankful that he is ours. We love you, Finn! Happy 2nd birthday!!

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  1. Two year olds are my favorite!! My middle son turned two this summer and I’m totally crazy about the stage he’s in! Everything is cute!!

    And that cake is so cute and creative!!

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