A Sweet Saturday

That husband and daughter of mine. They sure are keepers.
They blessed me with a wonderful “pre-Mother’s Day” celebration.
Saturday was all about our little family. The weather cooperated and we just had a blessed day completely enjoying each other(after I got over my weird birth control induced hormone moodiness- it’s hard to shake it when it sets in- but praise the Lord I managed to kick it to be able to fully enjoy our day together.)
It started with Jim getting up with the little one, fixing her breakfast, and letting me sleep. Glorious. (Although, I should mention, he lets me do this every Saturday. Like I said, keeper)
After we got ready, we stopped by Starbuck’s to pick up my usual vanilla latte. I just double checked with my Dr. that my full strength latte is okay caffeine wise during our IVF cycle. She okayed it- thank you JESUS.
Then we headed to Lowe’s. Jim told me that I could pick out whatever flowers I wanted for our flower bed and pots. He also told me he was going to sneak away when we got there to buy me my Mother’s Day present.
First things first, we have to ride on almost every John Deere tractor when we get to Lowe’s. If it isn’t yellow and green, she doesn’t want to ride on it.
3 hours later(slight exaggeration) we were finally able to continue on to the flowers and vegetables.
I had a very sweet little assistant helping me choose flowers for our house. I also had an extra job of keeping her from wandering away and picking all of the flowers, turning the cart that wouldn’t turn left, and also keeping my latte from spilling 😉
Gratuitous shot of me and all my goodies.
Jim surprised me with screen doors for the French doors in our living room! Yay! The drive home from Lowe’s was….interesting.
After we left Lowe’s, we drove through Chick Fil A(and made the employee’s laugh at the doors on our heads), grabbed lunch, and took it to a local park. It was such a pretty day we had to enjoy it outside(which is strange for me- I don’t do bugs + food) but it ended up being a great decision and we had so much fun.
Just eatin a chicken strip while Dad rides the duck at the park. Keepin it klassy.
Abigail’s thoughts on stopping for a picture when you’re busy playing at the park.
Fun times with my girl!
Once we got home we laid Abigail down for her nap and got to work outside.
My loot! I went with zinnia for my pots, vinca and marigolds for the flower bed, and strawberry, green and red bell pepper, and jalepeno pepper to try out a small container vegetable garden. (Not pictured: 8 bags of mulch and 2 screen doors)
The before picture:
 We pulled up all of our mulch, the tarpy thing that’s been living in our garden for the last 5 years, and moved around some of our plants. It was a TON of work but it looks SO good now!
The finished product:

 It’s another beautiful day today, so I’m getting to use my new screen doors for the very first time! I am in love.
What a wonderful gift from a thoughtful husband and daughter.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day to me! I think screen doors are totally underrated. We haven't had one on our back sliding door in years and it is such a pain. I hate all the bugs that try to get in.

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