My 4th Mother’s Day

To the little girl who made me Mama, I love you so much.
Through 16 weeks of puking and a few more with lingering nausea
Countless midnight trips to the bathroom
An intervention and med free labor and delivery
Through 13 months of exclusive breastfeeding
Countless middle of the night feeding sessions
Spit ups, blow outs, outfit changes(always for both of us)
Through the passage from babyhood to toddlerhood
Endless snuggles, kisses, and hugs
Embracing your personality and shaping it toward God and His ways
Through toddlerhood and racing toward childhood
Potty training(Lord, help us), discipline, boundaries, and love
Painted toenails, hair bows, spins through the living room, chases down the hall, “Mommy come get me!” over the monitor every morning, I love you’s at night.
Sweet daughter, you are so worth it all.
I am praising God today for allowing me to experience the gift of being called “Mama” for the past 4(wow!) years. What a treasure. What a blessing.

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