IVF 1.5 Schedule

To refresh yourself with my IVF#1 treatment plan you can read HERE
My cancellation post: HERE
I’m calling this cycle IVF 1.5. Considering I didn’t even make it past my first appointment last cycle, perhaps I should be calling it, IVF 1.25 or something.
Here is this cycle’s plan. There are a few adjustments, but most things will be staying the same. For now.
5/8 Begin 2x a day birth control pills, prenatal vitamin, and low dose aspirin
5/28 Final birth control pills
5/29 Jim and I both start our zpak’s
5/29 @ 11am blood work and suppression ultrasound at RRC *fingers crossed that things actually suppress this time, ya know?*
5/31 Begin Dexamethasone(again) and Microdose Lupron. 10 units. 12 hrs apart 2x a day, morning and night.
6/3 Begin evening(between 6-10pm) stims. Gonal F, Follistim, Menopur. I’ll receive my dosage amounts after my suppression ultrasound.
6/4 Blood work at RRC
6/7 Blood work & Ultrasound at RRC
6/10 Blood work & Ultrasound at RRC
Tentative Egg Retrieval 6/12-6/14
Tentative 5 day transfer 6/17-6/19
So, there you have it.
As we saw last month, all of this is subject to change at any moment, any time. But, here’s to hoping that the little tweaking we do this month will be enough to make things run smoothly. The main difference(so far) is I will be taking two birth control pills a day and won’t start my Lupron injections until after my suppression ultrasound. Last month, I had already been doing Lupron injections for a week before my final ultrasound and ultimate cancellation so the Lupron this cycle will be a different kind and will require 2 injections a day instead of just one.
I began my birth control pills tonight. And 2 pills = double the hormones = double the crazy(I’m guessing) So, you might pray a bit extra for us as we move full steam ahead towards extreme baby making.

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  1. Hopefully you won't be too crazy with those pills or I will have to "smh" at you 😉 but seriously we are praying for you here in wellsville! Love you

  2. Courtney, "extreme baby making" is a great way to look at it. This process is so unpredictable and full of drama that it would probably make a great reality TV show: "Extreme Makeover: Baby Making Edition"? I think it could work. I'm wishing you all the best with IVF 1.5 (or 1.25). I should also be starting BCP in a few days and will likely be doing ER and ET the last couple weeks of June. I'm praying this is "the cycle" for both of us. -Kimberly

    1. Do you want to pitch the shows to the networks or should I? Because I agree, that would actually be a terrific show idea. Hooray for us being cycle buddies! Let's "egg" (har har) each other on and think many fertile thoughts!

    2. I think we should pitch it together! Here's to an "egg"celent cycle for both of us. -Kimberly

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