Purple Birthday Party Decorations

{In case you missed it, here is my Purple Party Food Post!}

I’ve mentioned it already, but I will mention it again. This purple party was SO MUCH FUN! It was super easy to plan and I had a blast pulling it all together.
When your theme is so simple- one color- it is really easy to throw a party together. Is it purple? buy it. Not purple? don’t want it.
See? Easy.

Purple Party Decorations:

Her invites. via tinyprints
Do you guys remember my painting the front door post? Still looking pretty good if I don’t say so myself!
Yes. I spray painted one of our pumpkins purple.
Yes, I missed a little at the bottom. Win some, lose some.
Still mostly a win though because, purple pumpkin.
I had hoped to buy decorations after Halloween. I had visions of mums, fall décor, and purple Halloween lights being marked down to ridiculously low prices and me being able to swoop in and buy everything up. Guess what folks! Halloween stuff is GONE the day after Halloween. I mean, long gone. The grocery store. Walmart. The tiny shanty that sells apples, mums, and hay on the side of the road? Closed down, packed up, out of business, GONE.
I didn’t think I’d be able to snag any purple mums anywhere until I happened to be driving on the other side of town and a local greenhouse was selling all of their mums buy one get one free. Miracle!
Basically, these were the most ginormous mums I’d ever seen in my life and the bees have been happily pollinating on them{from them?} ever since. So, you’re welcome for that, Joplin.
 I found a package of purple decorations at Party City {Or, the “color store” as Abigail calls it} full of fans, banners, and honeycomb balls. Perfect!
 I had a ridiculous amount of tulle leftover from Abigail’s purple butterfly costume, so my Mimi and Mom whipped up some tulle poofs to hang on all of the lights and doors.
They kind of{definitely} look like bath poofs. But, they’re also totally cute too.
Party favors!
A basket from Abigail’s closet filled with treat bags of cookies and pretzels!
 More bath poofs 😉
I had a couple purple candles lit around and can’t for the life of me remember which scent they were. They came from Walmart and were extremely cheap. They kind of smell like Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” {all my 90’s girls know what I’m talking about}. I found them in the holiday section. They are great.
I really wanted to have printstagrams sprinkled around the house in decoration, but when I started tallying up how much it would cost…and realized how many instapics I actually have, I decided to make a book instead!
This book came from Artifact Uprising {their site}. They have Instagram friendly books and this one was a breeze to churn out. I ordered it at the very end of October and it was here days before her party on the 9th. I will definitely use them again next year when I’m ready to make another book!
Mums from the ginormous mums on the porch.
Eggplants c/o my Mother in law 🙂
Poof on the coffee pot!!
I also had this creamer: Bailey’s Toffee Almond Creamer
Truthfully, I only bought it because it had a purple label on it. But everyone LOVED it, so apparently it was a good buy!
 I got to use my DIY chalkboard for her party!
I learned a fun trick this weekend. If you have stubborn chalkboard marker on your vinyl chalkboard, a Mr. Clean eraser takes it right off. Amazing!
My purple vase came from the flowers my best friend, Lauren, sent to me while I was in the hospital after I had Abigail. So perfect!
Oh yeah.
And then there was this.
A purple, princess castle, bounce house.
So ridiculously awesome.
They came and set it up while Abigail was still napping before her party, so Jim and I ran around and tested it out first.
I still have a giant strawberry on my elbow from diving inside like a kid. Humbling AND awesome.
So that is it for the party decorations! There weren’t so many that it took ages to put up or take down, but just enough so that a touch of purple was felt through our entire{which isn’t much} house.
Loved it!


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