Five On Friday

Howdy, friends!

Imma keep things straight to the point today- I’ve got laundry and packing to procrastinate doing and a flight to catch early in the morning{although I’m already looking forward to the latte in the Tulsa airport that awaits me. Starbucks beyond security? Bless it.}


We’ve been busy cheering our beloved Royals on all week long! April is such an exciting time for baseball fans and we sure are loving it.

Not only that, but our boy Alex Gordon {finally} hit our teams first home run of the season. Hooray!


The weather was absolutely stunning this week. On Wednesday night we headed to our local restaurant, Randy’s{yeah, I know}, and ordered ourselves a large twist cone to share. With a whopping total of $1.50 who can resist that?

Plus. That face


In preparation for our girls weekend with Auntie Lauren and baby Brecken we headed to the store to buy some necessities.
Primarily ice cream.

Also, I’m going to go ahead and let you tell me how so so so nice I am for driving around that giant cart. Go ahead. Then I’ll tell Abigail you said so.


I tried Talenti gelato for the first time this weekend and my life is forever changed.
and ever.
Basically the best thing I’ve ever tasted. The sea salt caramel? Oh my stars you guys. The coffee chocolate chip? It’s like a hug.
I didn’t know something could make me so happy.

Oh boy! Sneak peek of the kitchen!

 House update:

We FINALLY had our inspection yesterday. Finally.

It was better than we expected, worse than we expected, and exactly what we expected. All in one.

We definitely didn’t get the answers we were hoping for{ie, the joists under the house are in perfect condition!} and we have a huge list of things that need to be worked on.
Which we of course knew, but we need to sit down and prioritize/hire someone to give us quotes as far as what certain repairs will cost{under the house and a new roof, specifically} and then we will have a better idea of where to go from here.

For now, we’re still playing the waiting game. I’m expecting some enormous quotes to come our way and we will likely revise our previous offer to the bank to make room for those unexpected costs.

Whatever happens, I’m always praying that the answer is a clear YES or NO. One way or the other.

In the meantime, our house looks fabulous because I’m keeping it in a constant state of “throw this on the market ASAP.”
 So that’s that!

If you want to keep up with Abigail and my shenanigans this weekend{particularly the two of us traveling together! eep!} be sure to follow along with my social media:


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  1. Talenti gelato is the best thing, EVER. I am so obsessed, I can't buy it too often because I eat it all so fast!

  2. Now I am really wanting ice cream! Lol. I am excited to see the house once you get going! Yay for finally having that inspection!!! I could have sworn I was already following you on Instagram, but I am now!

  3. Those white cabinets make me sooo pumped for some pretty white paint to go on mine!! WOOHOO!
    Girl. The waiting game is tough. Like you said…praying for a clear YES or NO! Either way. He knows best! xx

  4. I've been wanting to try that Talenti ice cream since everyone RAVES about how good it is but it's kinda expensive so that's how I talk myself out of it…. Why is it never one sale?? Should I do it?? Which flavor should I get??

  5. Hi Courtney! That kitchen is SOOO cute! Also, the gelato…I lived off of that stuff when I got my wisdom teeth out. The mint chocolate chip is AMAZING!!!!! My sister introduced me to it, and I about died when I first tasted it. SO good. Have fun this weekend, friend!

  6. White kitchens have my heart!!! I live it and you are making me so anxious to get our house on the market and to look for and move to our new farmhouse (blog worthy and Pinterest worthy of major overhaul!!) I'll have to try that ice dream and you know that I will be following along your vacation!!!

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