A Post From Abigail

We had a day with some particularly beautiful weather last week and spent all afternoon outside playing in our backyard. I had snapped a couple pictures of the girls when Abigail asked me if she could take some pictures too?


I nervously gave her my phone, because, with a five year old you can pretty much be guaranteed to have a phone with no memory left returned to you.


But instead, she surprised me! She took a few intentional pictures of various things around the backyard and I thought it would be fun to get a little glimpse into things from her perspective.

img_1965 img_1966

She walked around happily snapping away, capturing exactly what she intended to. Just like my girl.

img_1972 img_1975

I’m so not a fan of this picture, but I figured it’s probably one of those that when I’m dead and gone someday she’ll look back at it and be like, “THAT’S what my Mom always looked like!” lol, so I left it.

img_1977 img_1978 img_1984 img_1985 img_1988

img_1987 img_1992


I love her last little one of her own shadow! SO cute!

I’m always reminded of how much she loves to be “big” whenever I give her the chance. Whether it is cooking in the kitchen, taking pictures on my camera, or trying to keep up a conversation with the adults- when I take the time to let her do big kid things, it makes her feel so special and loved. I need to do things like this more.

Do you ever let your kiddos take photos? What do they take pictures of?


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  1. I have a post like this in the works with Cash, too. He loves, loves, loves taking photos & videos. He is a boy after his mama’s heart. I actually gave him my old, old digital camera. I just have to find the time to go through all the pictures to select the ones I want to share.

  2. So darn cute! I think I know what she needs for Christmas! I real camera, we got one for Baby Fox two years ago, and he LOVES it, it’s fun going through is pictures every few months…although I think he’s ready for an upgrade, I wanted to get him one that didn’t scream little kid camera, so we bought a real one, but it’s super slow at taking pictures…but he loves it which is all that matters!

  3. I LOVE this! I did something similar when I handed over our seemingly indestructible water resistant camera to Marcus. It’s so fun to scroll through what they think is picture-worthy! And I love that you kept the photo of you. Your girls are going to love that one, for sure!

  4. Oh how I love this!! And I love the photo she took of you. Mason has asked to do this a couple of times. Sometimes he takes great pictures, but most of the time he takes silly pictures. Ya know, like our dogs butt…up his nose…that sort of thing! ha

  5. Love all these pictures! Liam loves any opportunity to take photos too. And obviously that pic of you has to stay! I have this irrational fear about not deleting the last photo I have of people in case they die. I know… so morbid.

  6. Sweet Abigail!! I loved seeing what she was interested in. Cute little sister and pretty mama! I LOL’d at your “When I’m dead and gone…” comment bc my mom always jokes with that one. Pretty backyard and I’m thinking you’re going to have some killer leaf piles to jump in shortly. Olive usually takes pictures that include her finger in them or selfies. I should give her the camera and see what she would take pictures of outside. I’m guessing bugs!

  7. these make me sooooo happy!!! their little perspectives captured in photos is so special and so sweet. i love that shadow shot, too!! and um, you look ADORABLE!!! you should me in those “this is what my mom looked like” shots. haha. this mom needs to wake up and put on her face a little sooner.

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