Fall Is In The Air

Well, after a brief foray into the 90’s on Monday, I think we can officially say that it is fall time in Missouri.

Our leaves our turning, the air is cooling, the days are ending sooner, and what? we’re less than two weeks away from Halloween?

While most people have cute little fall bucket lists and all sorts of fun and awesome things to do this season, I’m mostly just treading water and trying not to drown over here with my little people. They sure are adorable and cute but boy, do they make me tired.

I am busy homeschooling every day with Abigail and also chasing Mabel around while she simultaneously scream yells and runs into things/falls down/eats goldfish.

We’ve managed to find some other fun things to sneak in here and there, so take a look.

^ There are the aforementioned goldfish. ^

I’m pretty sure Mabel has consumed more goldfish and watched more tv at this point than Abigail did in her previous five years combined. So, hooray for second kids! (and also never having any personal space)

This is one of the cute tops I ordered from ThredUp recently and I love it! Mabel’s burgundy shoes were an awesome consignment sale find that pair perfectly with Abigail’s new Cat & Jack shoes!

We’ve done some baking recently as well! I’m not much for baking(because then I eat all of it) but Abigail has a huge, HUGE interest in learning how to cook and being in the kitchen, so I try to find organic ways of letting her spread her wings when it comes to that. I think we might finally be at a place where it’s fun for me to have her in there with me instead of just an extra messy and stressful one. So, woohoo there.

The leaves are falling off of our maple trees in the backyard and they are just gorgeous. I can NOT wait for enough of them to fall for us to be able to rake them up and let the girls jump and play in them.
img_1783 img_1795
Bubbles have been a huge hit as of late. Abigail loves them. Mabel loves them. My bubble blowing skills are legit.

I look at this picture and I feel happy. I can’t really remember anything specific about it, I just remember it being a really good day. (Of course, any day that is an official PJ day has to be a winner though, amirite?)

Mabel has just discovered the joy of the cozy coupe.

Abigail has just discovered the fine art of having to share toys that have been only yours for 5 years.

I hired out my living room chalkboard to the little artist living in my house. Her work is some of my favorite, I do have to admit.
The leaf accumulation is steady! And the girls are obsessed. Our last house didn’t have any trees, so fall leaves have never been a thing they have gotten to play in. This is amazing. We have gotten SO much use out of our backyard. We love it so much.
And speaking of backyards, it has been the perfect weather for backyard camping! Jim and Abigail camped out last weekend and it was kind of the cutest. The last time they did that together, I had a baby the next day.

And now that Mother Nature has finally gotten her act together, my front porch is finally put together too! Our sweet next door neighbor snuck over and gifted us these two mums with the sweetest card, I pulled our last years Kirklands wreath for the front door, and I sent Jim out on a Saturday mission for pumpkins. He done good.

The cute little girl seriously ups the ante on fall front porch decor though.

Anyway, things are shaping up to be a pretty great fall. I’ve finally settled on Halloween costumes for the girls (non matching this year- SOB), plans are in motion for Miss Abigail’s bounce house 6th birthday party, and after that we’ll only be a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. Gasp!


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  1. the cute little girl is definitely the best fall decor i’ve ever seen. the photo of abigail and mabel on the play car thing is so freaking cute. so cute that abigail and jim camp in the backyard. i hope i can convince KC to do that with my kids one day. i’ll stay inside. haha.

  2. “Legit bubble blowing skills” that needs to be on a tee shirt. Love all the fall stuff. And score on that thredUP tee!

  3. Fall weather. No idea what that is.
    Personal space. This is a mystical, magical, made up thing. Right?
    Leaves falling? No idea what that is. Also. Backyard? Tell me, what is this thing you speak of.
    But for real. Your Fall seems like it’s been pretty legit!

  4. Fall bucket lists?! Yeah, I am just trying to keep my head above water over here. All three of my kids have fall birthdays…not to mention my nephew, brother, brother in law, father in law and both my parents. So fall is just pure chaos over here! But I did manage to take the kids to get some pumpkins, so I’ll call it a win.

    That bubble picture is what childhood is made of. Skirt twirling, bubble forming, shoeless. I love it!

  5. We are looking forward to having enough leaves on the ground to jump in, too! Hooray for Fall and your front porch looks gorgeous!! I’m excited to see what you end up doing with your kitchen cabinets 🙂

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