The Best Clock For Kids

Last July we switched Abigail out of her crib and into the big girl bed.. 

I shared that she had only one rule about sleeping in her new bed and that was this:

You aren’t allowed to get out of it.

Simple enough, am I right? 

Anyway, that rule held steady for a solid year *fist pump* but she is continuing to get bigger and older (how is this still happening?? I don’t understand?) so Jim and I discussed that maybe it was time to change up our rule a little bit.

Enter, the best clock for kids that I ever did see and buy.

The Best Clock In All The Land
I ordered it off of Amazon and it has changed our life. The light stays red when she needs to stay in bed and/or go back to sleep. The light turns green when she is allowed to get up. GENIUS.

No more hollering for us to come get her early in the morning. No more wondering what time she will get up from her nap. Now I know that we will not be seeing or hearing from her before 7:30am(YES) and 3:30pm from her nap. 

Abigail absolutely LOVES this clock. She has shown it to approximately 100% of people that have come to our house since it arrived and approximately 100% of people that she has talked to on the phone since then as well. She loves setting it and she begins every story about her day like this now, “Well, I woke up and I saw that the light had turned green….” 
Bonus story: The other day she woke up and her light was green, so she decided to get herself some fresh ice water out of the fridge, go to the bathroom, and get herself dressed before coming to wake me up. 

Can I get a hallelujah and an amen up in here?

Run, don’t walk, order yourself this clock for kids.

Edited to add: Years later, we still use this clock and we now have a family tradition of the last thing we say to each other at night is, “See you in the morning when the light turns green!” 🙂

There are more than one version of this clock for kids, so you can shop the widget below to find a style that suits your child’s bedroom!

How do you handle kiddo wake ups in your house? 

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  1. This is brilliant. I needed something like this when Aubrey little. That girl is up with the sun.

    Wow! Way to go A, making it easy for mama!

  2. Lex totally won't get out of her bed either! She lays there going "mommy!! I'm awake now!!!". I mean it's awesome- but I'd give anything for her to get herself dressed and pottied and then gracing me with her presence… Sadly I fear we have another year for that because she can't even wipe her own butt properly yet…

  3. How cute! We are getting close to needing to move Mya to a big girl bed, and I am TERRIFIED. I still feel like she is too little to understand not to get out of bed until we come to get her, so we are trying to put it off as long as possible!

  4. That clock is so cute and it sounds like the perfect one for a toddler! I will have to look into getting this clock [do they have boy ones?] when we move our little guy into a big boy bed!

  5. This clock is on my amazon list for when we make the change! Amazing! I fear the day of Callie in a toddler bed running around her room and not sleeping. Maybe i'll be wrong but I'm so glad she still loves her crib (at least for now)!

  6. I'm terrified to change Mason's crib into a toddler bed. I KNOW he will be up the second we shut the door and playing with his toys or opening the door to come downstairs. Which also terrifies me. Need to find another gate for the top of the stairs or his room door. I love this clock idea! Do you know if they have a similar one for boys?

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