Flower Girl: Take One

On Saturday afternoon Abigail finally had the chance to wear her long awaited flower girl dress. She’s only been asking me every single day for the last few months if she can wear it now, so I’m sure you can only imagine the bliss that ensued when I finally told her TODAY! was the day. Of course, it took a major amount of convincing and conversation to help her realize that it wasn’t HER wedding day and that she wasn’t actually the bride, but that she was a flower girl.
I let her wear makeup for the very first time and we curled her hair and she loved the entire process. It made her feel so big and grown up and she just loved it!
We left for pictures{before the ceremony} at 2 and this promptly happened…..
 They didn’t need us right away so I sat with sleeping beauty in the car for almost an hour before I had to wake her up to take pictures. I prayed fervently that she would wake up happy and chipper like she usually does.
Allow this grainy and terrible forward facing camera photo to display what we were dealing with after a one hour car nap. Yikesabee.
But ya know, fortunately after an hour or so she finally snapped out of it and was happy as a clam the rest of the day. Close call though!
 I think my FB pages highest “liked” photo in the history of photos to be “liked”.
 Thank heaven for iPads and Disney palace pets. Am I right or am I right?
 Do you know how hard it is to keep a 3 year old in a poofy dress from spinning and jumping and rolling around and messing up her hair and makeup for 3 solid hours?
It’s almost impossible.
Two days later and I’m still tired.
 Everything went perfectly. Since Jim was a groomsman he got to see her walk down the aisle from the very best point of view! He told me that night, “She spread those flowers better than I would have.”  Apparently, her pace and petal sprinkling abilities were on point. All of the practicing we did paid off 😉
I didn’t get to see her walk down the aisle{or get any pictures of it} because I was in the back corralling flower girls….and then running around the sanctuary to get to my chair so that Abigail could find me and sit down….hopefully the photographer got some good ones of her 🙂
And then finally, FINALLY after being on her 100% best behavior, filled with sitting quietly and not rolling around, she finally got to bust loose at the reception.
And bust loose did she.
This little girl danced and danced and danced. She tore UP that dance floor.
Until she hit her wall, laid down underneath a chair, and announced, “I want to go home now.” But, I digress.

And just for fun, here is a picture of Abigail’s most favorite way to dance. With her eyes shut. Don’t ask me why….it’s just her thing.

They had a photo booth and we got to capture some hilarious family pictures that pretty perfectly summed up our day together. What a blast.

I’ll go ahead and give Abigail an A+ for superior flower girling. Which is a good thing, since we still have two more to go.

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  1. Such great photos, Courtney! Abigail looked beautiful! And maybe she's concentrating really hard on her dance moves. 😉

  2. Love the pics! She's so beautiful! And I love the photo booth thing…wish that would have been around 9 years ago when I got married!

  3. She's adorable! I love her expressions. And buy stock in tissues now Mama…she's going to make a GORGEOUS bride in many, many years:)

  4. This is the best ever! I love her faces! I just can't get over her faces! and I love all the photos you got of her! She looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Like all the exclamation points? Good!)

  5. Oh, this is awesome. My daughter would be the same way, she keeps begging me to have another wedding so she can be in it this time;)

  6. Now that's some serious cuteness! Not to mention some serious dancing–love the closed eyes 🙂

  7. I'm sorry but could she be any cuter?!?! She looks SO adorable in that flower girl outfit! I invasion her wearing it everyday for the next week and refusing to take it off. She looks so stinkin' cute though that I don't think it would matter 🙂

  8. Cutest flower girl ever!! Her hair looks gorgeous and what a beautiful dress. I bet she'll be wanting to dress up in it for awhile. and dancing with her eyes closed, so sweet!

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