Mama’s dream come true

Being a hair stylist, when I discovered that we would be having a little girl one of the first things I got excited about was getting to style her hair! All the bows, pony tails, braids, and curls one can dream up I did. This is what we’ve been working with for the past few months or so:

Not super short, thankfully long enough on top to hold a bow in it. But, as most of us know, the bow doesn’t stay in much longer than it takes to snap a picture. She has had one trim to cut off the mullet in the back and to help shape it a bit. Of course, she could stand to have another one now.
But finally, FINALLY, the time has come. Abigail’s hair has grown long enough to be styled. To be put into a pony. To look pulled together. To not look like a fabulous mullet. And I am so happy. Behold this amazing cuteness. Pigtails!!
She has been really patient with letting me put them in and take them out. Because of that, I let her watch a little bit of a movie while I do it. It’s a treat for her and makes it easier on me! Jim adores her pigtails and it has been so nice having people finally consistently recognize that she is a GIRL.
So far, she is a super girly girl. She loves brushing her hair, putting on shoes, and pretending to wear my earrings…so I think she will only be more fun and more adventurous with letting me do her hair as she gets older…and her hair gets even longer! Yay!

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