First trip to the ER

This afternoon Abigail and I were playing together on our big master bed. She was playing “tent” in the sheets and I was right beside her picking at my toenails.
All of a sudden she sprinted. Her, being unable to see because of the sheet. Me, unable to grab her fast enough. She toppled off the side of our bed. Flipped completely upside down and landed on her back.
I was jumping off the bed and scooping her up so fast, I’m not sure if her shoulders or her bottom hit first, but either way it was a hard hit and a long fall. She was screaming and acting disoriented and started running aimlessly through the house. I was able to convince her to sit on the couch, watch Mickey, and calm down. She would stop crying for a bit only to start screaming again. I couldn’t tell if she was just scared, or hurt, or both.
I called her pediatrician to ask if they’d check her out but they told me to go to ER in case she needed X-rays. I called urgent care to ask if they would see her but they recommended the ER too. So, we drove over to Carthage to see what they had to say.
She was perfectly fine in the car but was kind of holding her head funny. Screamed bloody murder when I would pick her up. Was pointing to her right shoulder and neck.
When we got to the hospital she was a completely wet, limp noodle on me. Super unusual. Of course, she perked up when the nurses/Dr.’s came to check on her. Translation: Screaming like a wild banshee.
Diagnosis: She is perfectly fine. Nothing wrong at all. She is being very dramatic, I can give her tylenol if she acts like she needs it, and I can step away from Dr. Google.
This evening was super rough. A lot of tears. I think she has had a very traumatic little day. Flying off a bed upside down, being treated by doctors in a hospital that she was already afraid of, and then learning what it feels like to be achey and sore have been a lot for a 1 year old to handle.
She’s in bed now, where she will hopefully stay comfortably all night. We’re praying that she will be back to her normal self tomorrow morning.
I’m thankful it wasn’t any worse and I’m happy to get that “first time” out of the way.

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