What else do you do on a snowy day at home?

Or rather, on a:
That is freezing
But not enough snow for a “frosty”
Or at least that is what you claim so you don’t have to go outside *shudder*
You make a sweet blanket(or as Abigail says, “blain kell et”) fort!
You snuggle in all of your bestest friends in there with you.
Then, repeatedly beg Mama to stop taking pictures and come into your fort. Which she then does, only to be told, “Mama! You in the way!”
No kidding, kiddo. This is a fort for a 2 year old, love.
Then, after a goodly amount of time spent within the fort, we both get to spend the day rockin fleece blain-kel-et fort hair 🙂
Now, if only that Starbuck’s delivery truck existed….

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  1. That pic of her holding her friends is just so sweet. <3 and that Starbucks truck really needs to happen!

  2. What a great way to spend the cold day inside! We need to try forts soon! I TOTALLY agree about Starbucks delivery! Soo many days I would love that!

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