Dyeing Easter Eggs!

As I work on this post the fresh scent of boiled eggs and vinegar are prolifically filling the air.
That scent can only mean one thing. It must be getting close to Easter and we must be dyeing Easter eggs.
Yeah, we tried that Pinterest “put your egg in the whisk to keep from making an unholy mess” thing.
Fail. Just, a fail.
So, we went with the classic “roll up your sleeves and dye your fingers” method instead.
Much better.
I LOVE that little concentrating face 🙂
Scoping out our all dried(and oh so ugly) Easter eggs
I mean, look at those things. LOL.
We had an absolute blast doing it together though.
Even if the finished product won’t be landing us a page in Martha Stewart living :p

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    1. It may have worked if we used cups(?) or something deeper. We just used regular bowls and the whisk kept the egg from even really making it into the dye. It worked better to use the little metal thing that comes with the box of dye for our bowls.

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