Baking Cookies With Abigail

One of the absolute best things to do together{and absolute worst thing for fitting into my jeans}is baking. I love when we have a completely open calendar day and can fill it with slow paced things like baking together.
Yesterday, we chose to make chocolate chip cookies.
Right now our teamwork looks like this:
Abigail unwraps the butter.
Eats chocolate chips.
I do everything else.

Sheesh- terrible front facing camera phone picture!
My prime lens isn’t selfie friendly{not even a little bit. Unless you want a selfie shot of, say, our chins} so a cell phone picture had to be taken to document us enjoying the fruits of our labor on the couch together. Worth it!

They are some dang good cookies too.


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  1. So sweet. My girl is a sneaker of chocolate chips as well! (I can't say I blame her.) Love your blog Courtney.

  2. I LOVE baking with lex! But she's lame and never eats the fruits of our labor… Which means I do! See, A is the sweetest by helping you out with those cookies.. They won't eat themselves!

  3. Haha, the teamwork! That butter unwrapping is tough stuff, definitely need some chocolate chips after that job. Aria can just start helping me 'stir' things, and I am loving it! Can't wait for some more serious stuff like butter unwrapping =)

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