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Now that is has been a couple weeks into the eternity that is my tattoo, I thought I would give you guys a little update on that situation.
Let’s talk tattoo healing.
Y’all. So much worse than getting the tattoo{which in pain scales, still minimal, but UGH annoying} 

Firstly, the ice that is my left foot. I got my tattoo at the beginning of March and it snowed and I wasn’t allowed to wear socks for 7-10 days. My toes are cold all of the time under normal circumstances. This was just unreal. I thought I was going to sacrifice appendages for the healing of my foot.

{Note to self: Future tattoos. Get. In. Summer.}

Secondly, the soreness. It’s kind of like a bruise. It’s kind feels like it’s being stretched. It’s kind of like a really dry and taut piece of skin.

Thirdly, the itching. A few friends asked me, “has it started itching yet?” and I was like “HAHA no you fools. It’s totally fine.” Shortly thereafter, I went to bed and thought I was going to cut off my foot. You know when something itches so badly and you’re not allowed to scratch it so you do that really pitiful *tap tap tap* thing on the area willing it to not itch anymore?
Basically that.

Fourthly, the peeling. One afternoon I went to rub some lotion on it and slurrrrp off went a huge chunk of colored sunburnesque skin. I quickly texted my friend, “This is normal…right?!” and of course, it was. But for a few days there it was all kinds of crazy looking because half of it had peeled and the other half hadn’t and half of it was still dark black and half of it was kind of gray. I was very ready for it to just finish peeling and be back to looking fabulous!

Which of course, it did.

I absolutely love my tattoo. 

I want to give it a hug. Which I understand is kind of weird since it’s on my own foot and all, but hear me out.  

This might sound silly{I’m pretty sure it will}. But for me, choosing to get it and the experience of getting it felt like the prize. It felt like the reward. I was doing this. I was being brave and strong and new. I was celebrating my babies by doing something for them. I was choosing to be bold and I was embracing the change that is….me. I’m not the same person that I used to be and this was going to reflect that. 

I didn’t really think about how much I would love having it. I mean, I did. But I was thinking about the other stuff more.

Now that I have it? I absolutely love where it is placed. I love that it peeks discreetly out of the tops of my flats. I love that from where I’m standing I can see the little seeds. I love that depending on how I look at it I can see all of it or none of it. I love how delicate it is. I love what it means. I love what it represents.
 I love that it’s mine.

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  1. Ah tattoo healing — yup all normal — all a pain — all worth it if you get the "right" tattoo which sounds like you sure did!

  2. Glad you are still loving it! I think it absolutely beautiful, and the story behind it incredible. I am open to getting a tattoo at some point, but I want it to mean something. I just love everything about yours!

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