Ain’t No Party Like A Pinterest Party

I have mentioned a few times before that a group of my friends get together every other month or so and have a Pinterest Party.
I’ve seen a few different ways to do this, but this is how we do it:
Rotate houses{we don’t want to make the same person host every single time!}
Bring a food or drink item that you’ve found on Pinterest.
Bring a DIY gift, wrapped, to do a dirty Santa style{or whatever name you call it} exchange.
We spend time visiting and eating first and then we move onto our game.
We draw numbers and your choices are: you can open a new gift or steal from someone else.  Continue until everyone has a gift!
I absolutely love it because it gives me a reason to finally DO some of the thousands of things that I have pinned. If you want to see some of the different things I’ve actually completed, you can check out my “I’ve Made This!” Pinterest board: here
Here is what I took to my party last weekend:
You can see my inspiration for this craft
Super quick and easy! I already had everything at home. Spray paint the mason jar, mod podge glitter, seal it, add some gorgeous flowers, and done!
This my car. On my way to the party.
Yes, I buckled in my gift. I couldn’t have it tipping over on the way there.
Yes, I drove one handed holding onto a giant pitcher of jalepeno margarita.
 This was one of our best parties yet! There were 16 of us, food galore{I refuse to tell you how many slices of bread and herbed butter I consumed, but it was somewhere between 3 and 5}, and some of the most creative and crafty gifts ever!
One of the absolute BEST things about this particular party was that I got to meet my very first blog friend in real life! Sweet Samantha from Elah Tree is long time friends with one of my very best friends from church. She was visiting from LA so she got to attend. Not only did we get to hug and visit, but we ended up with each other’s gifts. {best of luck not getting glitter on every.single.thing in your suitcase flying home, dear!}
I am so thankful to have such an amazing group of women that I get to call friends and sisters. They always leave me feeling refreshed and encouraged, plus all of the laughing helps offset the giant heaps of bread and butter that I like to eat.

Have you ever been to a Pinterest party? If not, you need to think about hosting one!


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  1. SO fun! When we did our craft/Pinterest inspired party we only had 5 people… 16 though?!!! Holy moly! And jalapeno margarita? Not sure if I'd like that, but it sounds very different and it looks good in the photo! lol!

  2. I really need to make sure I go to the next one. Poor planning didn't allow me to this month and then we ended up on an unexpected date night. I WILL be at the next one… said very optimistically.

  3. This seems like so much fun! When I "come into" some money (if that ever happens! lol) I am planning a trip to Joplin. I will most likely bring Ellie. We will be staying at your new house an attending a Pinterest party too!!! It's going to happen and the I can learn all of your parenting skills first hand!!

  4. Best party ever! So glad we got to meet! I should create a blogger meet up list! I also love that we got each others gifts!

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