Woodland Birthday Party: Abigail’s 1st Birthday

For Abigail’s 1st birthday party I wanted to pick a theme that she would enjoy, but also one that tied in well with fall colors and the fall decorations I already had around the house! I ended up settling on the Eric Carle book “Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?” and expanding the theme out to Woodland Birthday Party!

Invites via Etsy(apparently the shop has since closed!) / Happy Birthday Banner via Little Birds Boutique

All of the food revolved around my “fall/woodsy” theme and were all named after animals from the Baby Bear book.

Woodland Birthday Party Food Ideas:

Hooting Owl Candy Corn
Flying Squirrel Spiced Pecans
Baby Bear Chex Mix
Red Fox Apples and Caramel Sauce
Mule Deer Pumpkin Bread
Rattlesnake Hershey Kiss Acorns
Mama Bear Cookies
Blue Heron Cheese Tray
Mountain Goat Veggie Platter
Prairie Dog Lil Smokies

Woodland Birthday Party Favors:

Party favors were small baggies filled with rattan and 3 cookies. A pumpkin, an acorn, and a woodland creature.
 Mama and the birthday girl!
Ladies, do yourself a favor and marry a man who is happy and willing to help you achieve your insane Pinterest visions.
Here is my man carving out an apple for me to fill with caramel sauce.
Yep. He’s a keeper.
I just LOVED Abigail’s birthday dress. It was a tweed type material and just absolutely adorable. It was a babyGap eBay find.
She pretty much hates being the center of attention. As you can see.
 The big 1st birthday splurge! A super cute and fancy cake.

Woodland Birthday Party Theme Cake:

Abigail’s smash cake!
 I had to include this picture. You know you have yourself a fun, silly, and awesome uncle if he’s willing to ride around in your wagon with you. Haha!
The red wagon was the big birthday gift winner of the day. We spent the next few weeks pulling it in the circle through our house….constantly.
We’re still using it, so it was a great investment.
My parents- Grammy & Pappy
Abigail’s Great Grandma- My Mimi!
Jim’s Parents- Grandpa Monty & Grandma Jenny and also Jim’s Grandparents- Nana & Papa
Abigail’s 1st woodland birthday party was absolutely perfect. We had such a fun time getting everyone together and celebrating our sweet girl.
This party totally stoked the flame for my love of birthday party planning and it has only developed and grown since. Thanks a heap Pinterest! *As my husband audibly groans*


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    1. Thanks, Sarah!

      I love the banner too! We used it last year also and I'm sure we'll probably use it again this year too! The shop owner was great to work with. She gave me a discounted price in addition to a fb coupon code, which helped make it a super deal!

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! So stinking cute!!! I love all these pictures, your handwriting on the food cards is gorgeous & that cake is DIVINE!!! (And props to hubby for going along with Pinterest ideas) *my hubby rolls eyes*

    1. Hmm. Well, I typically include the links to where I buy everything. If there isn't a link I didn't buy it online(or didn't buy it and just used something I already had).

      A month in advance is typically when I really crack down on planning(unless we're talking about the baby shower I just threw. That was more like a week before that I did everything!)

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