Happy Halloween!

Two weeks before Halloween, I realized that I was Mother Of The Year and still hadn’t procured or nailed down a Halloween costume idea for Miss A. Providentially, one of my friends mentioned that the Disney store was having a 40% off sale on almost all of their princess dresses and so I decided to let Abigail choose one. They had lots of princess dresses to choose from and of course, being my daughter, she selected the $90 Anna Coronation dress that was most decidedly not on sale.
So I began a quest to find a cheap and cute alternative to the Disney store version. I ended up at Target.com and from there found the same dress on Amazon but for about $10 dollars less. Ordered and at our house two days later. That’s what I’m talkin about!
My family got into town the afternoon of Halloween for Abigail’s party weekend and were able to come with us while we went trick or treating. They were also available to help me put Abigail’s look together. Mom ironed her dress, I styled her hair, Mimi fashioned her ribbon necklace. It takes a village, people.

Once she was ready, I strapped her into her car seat and gave her a long talk about NOT MOVING YOUR HEAD for the entire drive to Daddy’s office, lol.

Every year we go to Jim’s office for trick or treating. It’s perfect for us. It’s laid back, indoors, not scary, early in the evening, and Jim gets to show off Abigail to his co-workers.

AND there are limitless candy options available.

AND some of the cubicles are of the “help yourself” variety.

We got home early enough to have dinner at our place and then be ready for trick or treaters! Abigail absolutely LOVED passing out candy to all of the kids(and “kids”). She would give them all compliments on their costumes and some of them would tell her “Thank you Princess of Arendelle!”

It was a wonderful Halloween for our sweet little Princess Anna. How was yours? 

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  1. Aww that is the sweetest little princess dress, she's totally going to want to wear it every day now! 😉

  2. This year Kennedy really started to understand the whole trick or treat thing. We had a blast! I love Abigail's costume! Also, wish we had an office to trick or treat at! Our neighborhood is fun but gets very crowded and there were a few houses we had to skip because of the scary decorations!

  3. Such a sweet smile! My daughter loves Anna too–she likes Elsa–but hands down Anna is her favorite. Yours makes a perfect one! My daughter saw the screen as I was reading and proclaimed "IT'S ANNA!" and just giggled herself into a fit. Glad you all had a great Halloween!

  4. by far the cutest Anna!! she's adorable. Doing the office + then handing out candy to trick or treaters is so smart, gets the best of both worlds!

  5. She looks so cute and SO happy! I love that you guys go trick or treating at Jim's office! I mean, in that one picture, it looked like Abigail had the pick of the litter with all that candy! Sounds like you guys had the best Halloween!

  6. ahhhh anna! i love that you got her the coronation dress!! she looks absolutely beautiful!! anna is pretty popular around here, too! 🙂

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