Spena Baby Week 10

I was cleaning up my bathroom at the end of last week(I obviously hadn’t gotten to the mirror yet ;)) when I caught a glimpse of my belly and startled myself. Like. Where did that come from? This is actually real?

I’ll be completely honest. My brain is still having a really, really hard time grasping the reality of my situation. I don’t know if it’s a defense mechanism. I don’t know if I’m really dense. I don’t know if it is because it feels too good to be true. Whatever it is, catching sight of my belly growing, proof that SOMETHING is happening deep inside there was/is shocking to me.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I looked something similar to this around 18 weeks last time. I had deluded myself into thinking that maybe because there is such an age gap between the kiddos that I wouldn’t show quite so fast, but um, my abs parted like the Red Sea and apparently, my uterus is just busy doing it’s thang. 

So onto this week’s stats 🙂 

Weight Gain | Avoiding the scale, probably until my next appointment, but based off the size of the growing bump, I’m pretty sure things are….increasing around here.

Symptons | I only vomited once this week! Major praise. I’m still feeling so sick and blah, but I will gladly trade gaining a few extra pounds this go round to be able to eat and not lose it all like I did last time. Major major praise. 

Skin breakouts. Fun!

Some cramping/growing

Cravings/Aversions | No cravings, only aversions. I’m basically surviving on carbs and power bars. And the occasional cheese. 

Missing Most | I’m very much looking forward to being able to cook again and play and keep up with Abigail like I normally do. 

Size Of Baby | Date/Prune

1.2 inches
.14 oz

Is it terrible that the only thing I ever think about dates is when the little monkey dies in Indiana Jones from eating poisoned dates? 

Sleep | Great! I usually only get up once to go to the bathroom. I toss and turn a lot and have been having some totally crazy cake dreams but I’m feeling rested. So that’s good!

Workouts | hahahaha

Clothing | Bringing my old bras back! Wooo. Thanks little prune. 

I can wear all of my regular clothes but I’m mostly in yogas and comfy tee shirts this week.
Gender | This week I’m fairly convinced that we have a little man in there. Of course, maybe I’ll feel different next week. 
Cries |

Some friends of mine brought on the tears this week when they shared this picture on FB. They went to a Rend Collective concert and they have a praise wall. Out of everything they could have written a praise for they chose to write about me and the baby. I mean. Tears!
Extra tears came from last week’s episode of The Walking Dead(not the gross stuff, just the sweet stuff) and from an article in this months WORLD magazine. Full blown blubber.

Hubby | He spent Friday-Sunday making a new movie in Kansas City and has traveled for business from Tues-Thursday. So Abigail and I came up to stay with the inlaws this entire time. Talk about a blessing! Abigail and I have both been eating, playing(for Abigail), and resting infinitely better than we would have been at home by ourselves. 
The worst part about all of this is that we’re separated for games 6 & 7 of the World Series!
Looking Forward To |  Halloween, Abigail’s birthday party this weekend, a visit from my parents, and Abigail’s birthday on Wednesday! What an exciting week ahead. Fingers crossed I’ll feel good enough to enjoy it all 🙂

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  1. You look so adorable! Thanks for sharing these updates. It's a great way to share how we can all still be praying for you. 🙂

  2. How fun! Definitely with you on the showing faster thing. I am almost 20 weeks and I am massive. I didn't look this big with my daughter until like…23-24 weeks. NUTS I tell you!

  3. So sweet – love that your friends included you and baby Spena on the praise wall! It's totally normal to feel a bit, well, disconnected I think when you've been through what you guys have been through. After you've suffered losses, it's just hard to believe that you're finally getting exactly what you wanted and prayed for for so long. I do know some degree of what you're feeling, sweet girl! But that little babe is growing away – grow baby grow!:)

  4. Yay. Dude if you saw me at 18 weeks with my first you would die. I was RIDICULOUS. Oh wait, maybe you have it's on my all about me page :). Anyways your bump is adorable. I definitely agree that the bump with #2 is definitely more of a bump than a bloat sooner than with #1. Bad news is things don't go back together quite as nicely as they did the first time. But really who cares. Two pieces are over-rated and they are oh so worth it. Hope you are feeling good and have a fantastic week.

  5. I feel like the first trimester of pregnancy is the "is this for real stage." You know the test said yes and you have some symptoms but you can't wait for the bump and movement! You look great!

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