Garden Baby Shower Theme: In Full Bloom

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This last weekend I had the honor and privilege of hosting a garden baby shower theme party for my very best friend, Lauren and her baby girl #2, Annie- who will be here next month!

I know a lot of people side eye the notion of baby showers for any baby besides baby #1, but to that I say, BAH. I think is so stinking special and they all deserve to be celebrated just as much. Because your babies are so very loved, even before they’re here, and they all deserve their own special party!

Okay, off my soapbox!

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For Lauren’s 1st baby shower, we celebrated in January so I went with a “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” theme. But this time around, with a summer baby on the way, I wanted to do something really flowery, girly, and springy.

I ultimately ended on the In Full Bloom Garden baby shower theme and had so much fun putting it all together! With flowers, gardens, light and airy decor and foods, this garden baby shower theme came together just how I had hoped!

Take a look!

Floral Minted Baby Shower InvitationsBaby Shower Invitations

The first thing I purchased for the shower were these invitations from Minted. They kind of turned into the entire inspiration for the whole party. They’re so soft and feminine and beautiful. It’s kind of crazy how much I love these invitations!

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Baby Shower Decorations

Everything I decorated with basically came from my own house! I hit it big with the Target Dollar spot this spring when they had tons of sweet garden themed decorations in it. I found lots of vases, signs, and the chalkboard garden markers there for just a few dollars each.
Garden Baby Shower Theme Decorations #babyshowerdecorations #babyshowertheme #gardenbabyshower Baby Shower Cookies #babyshowerfood #babyshowerdessert Garden Baby Shower Theme Cookies #Babyshowerfood #babyshowerdessert
I actually love making beautiful royal icing cookies, but I knew that I would be pressed for time and wouldn’t be able to make them this time around. So instead I hired out a friend who recently opened a bakery to make these amazing cookies for me! I sent her an email with the invitation attached to it and told her I didn’t care what the cookies looked like, but that this was my inspiration for the shower. And this is what she made! I was blown away by how gorgeous they were.

If you’re in Joplin- you can find more of Kristen’s amazing work at her website: here!
Garden Baby Shower Theme Decor #babyshowerdecor #babyshowertheme #gardenbabyshower

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Garden Baby Shower Theme Food #babyshowerfood #gardenbabyshower Garden Baby Shower Theme #babyshowerfood #babyshowerdecor #gardenbabyshowertheme
Other than the cookies, I (with the help of three amazing friends from church- seriously I am forever indebted to them for their help!) made all of the food for this shower.

At the end of the post I will try to put together a source list of all of the recipes I used and any of the decor I can find to link to!
Garden Baby Shower Theme Food Table #babyshowerfood #babyshowerideas Garden Baby Shower Theme #babyshowerfood #babyshowerlunch #babyshowerideas Garden Baby Shower Food #babyshowerfood #babyshowerideas IMG_3181 Garden Baby Shower Theme Food Table #babyshowerfood #babyshowertheme #babyshowerideas #babyshowerdecorations Garden Baby Shower Food #babyshowerfood #babyshowerideas #girlbabyshowerideas Baby Girl Garden Baby Shower Theme Baby Girl Garden Baby Shower Theme Cookies #babyshowerfood #babyshowerdessertideas Baby Girl Baby Shower Activity Idea

Baby Shower Headband Decorating Station

At the last baby shower we decorated burp rags. I wanted to do something similar but different this time, so we made baby girl some new bows and headbands! I purchased a kit from Etsy that came with all of the bows and elastic, all I had to do was set out hot glue guns, tags for folks to label which bows they made, and I set out this cute little watering can to put the finished products in!
Baby Girl Baby Shower Headband Making Station #babyshoweractivity #babyshowergames Baby Girl Garden Theme Baby Shower Headband Activity Station #babyshowergames #babyshowerideas Garden Themed Baby Shower Activity #babyshoweractivity #babyshoweridea #babygirlbabyshower Baby Shower Chalkboard #babyshowerdecorations #babyshowerdecor #babyshowerideas IMG_3187 IMG_3236 IMG_3239 IMG_3240
After food had been eaten and hair bows were being made, Lauren got to open her gifts (with the help of many, many little girls). As she opened a gift, whoever gave it to her gave her some advice, or a hope and wish for baby Annie. It was a really special and personal time. Even filled with a few tears!

Without sharing all of Lauren’s story, I can just say that both of her girls were so desperately longed for, just like both of mine were. So to get to celebrate another baby was such a special and happy thing.
IMG_3243 IMG_3246
Yes, Abigail fashioned herself a really awesome dress/robe/cape out of wrapping paper. Five year old’s are awesome.
If there was ever a quintessential Lauren and Courtney picture? This is basically it.
Luckily, we clean up pretty nicely.
IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3200 IMG_3217 IMG_3223 IMG_3230 IMG_3251
Lauren and I were laughing/reflecting over how at her last shower, we had no children to wrangle (I had left Abigail with Jim) and we had both of our Mom’s there early helping organize and put everything together!

This time around, we had three little girls to keep up with and my Mom couldn’t make it this time. So, needless to say, things were a little crazy! But, I did it! Both of my girls really did great for four hours in the car, plus a party, plus a distracted Mom.

And most importantly, we had a really wonderful shower celebrating Miss Annie and our Auntie Lauren.
Lauren and I still can’t believe that for two girls(us) who became best friends because we desperately needed another girl in our life- both of our houses were filled with brothers- that here we are, having daughters! It’s so crazy! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is absolutely amazing.

Source List:



Chicken Salad

Mini Fruit Pizzas

Latte Bon Bons

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Headband Making Kit

Headband Sign And Tags


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  1. Everything looked absolutely lovely! And I completely agree that it doesn’t matter if it is your 1st or 10th little one, every baby is a blessing!

    Was the shower at your house? Maybe I’m totally spacing but the decor looks different than yours….?

  2. i agree! the 2nd kid is already going to have a complex because there are less photos of them alone or at all, let them have a baby shower! not that there are less photos of me as opposed to my older brother or anything. i’m sure i was loved as equally as he was…. but seriously, what a fabulous shower and good to hear the girls did well, that’s a lot of driving for sure.

  3. I love that you value each baby as a brand new baby to love and shower. I feel the same. No matter what baby # it is, they deserve to be showered. This shower looks absolutely perfect and beautiful. Looks like you throw and amazing gathering. PS – loved our bon bon snap today.

  4. What a darling shower! I LOVE your baby shower philosophy – celebrate them ALL!! I loved seeing all the special details from the food labels, to those delicious looking cookies to the smiles captured in so many photos. What a special event 🙂 And I wish Abigail’s dress came in my size. You all looked so pretty!

  5. Such a darling theme celebrating a joyous ocassion! Im with you, each baby needs their own shower! It isnt even about the gifts, just a celebration of life.

  6. aww you did such a great job!! and how special to do that for and with your best friend!! those cookies are killing me. i want to admire/eat them all day.

  7. Perfectly lovely! Way to go loving on your friend! Enjoyed seeing your friendship.
    Random: Abigail’s moccasins are amazing with her dress.

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