Spena Baby Week 15

Happy week 15! Time is cruising right on by, and as much as it’s killing me to wait any longer, I know that we’ll be finding out what sort of little person we’re expecting very soon(maybe this month? Fingers crossed on that one!)!
This stage of the game for me is that super weird time of definitely feeling like I’m looking pregnant…but pretty much only to myself. I just look like I’ve been loving on too many cheeseburgers lately to everyone else(and maybe I have?)
Case in point:

To everyone else, I’m just that weird girl throwing up in the airport, gagging in the grocery store, refusing the free alcoholic beverages everywhere(#teameurope, someone bring me back here when I’m not pregnant, mmkay?), and ordering the strangest combinations of food because not much still sounds good to eat.

But…..once you reveal what is underneath…..

That bump is sure making itself known! Can you tell I’m wearing maternity pants? Because I’m TOTALLY wearing maternity pants. Glory, glory, hallelujah.
Mom and I went to this enormous Destination Maternity store in Phoenix on black Friday. It was Motherhood, Pea In The Pod, and Destination, all combined into one store. We had this fabulous stylist named Jermaine helping us out and when he saw me he was like, “Oh honey! What are you like, ten days pregnant?” I mean, bless him, but all the same, honey was bustin out of her regular jeans.
Okay, moving on to this weeks stats 🙂
Symptoms | Let’s see here, nausea, an extra special travel style vomit session, bumpin, and flutterin. Eep!
Cravings/Aversions | Mostly all aversions, but bread is my BFF4LYFE of course, and most recently any sour cream and onion chip can just come sit at my table. Which, totally ew, so not a regular Courtney food item.
Missing Most | At the risk of sounding like a lush, I’m still really looking forward to an adult beverage again someday. I feel like I miss this way more than my Starbucks? But, I guess maybe I know I can have my Starbucks back as soon as it sounds good again(which it still doesn’t. Cry me a river)
Size Of Baby |
An Apple/Navel Orange
2.5 oz
4 inches long
Sleep | Good! Crazy dreams, lots of side sleep with a pillow between my knees, but otherwise no complaints!
Clothing | Aforementioned trip to the maternity store resulted in me acquiring/replacing all of the maternity items that I sold years ago. Elastic waistbands, you’re so good to me. I could write you a love song.
Purchases | I also made my very first baby purchase on black Friday! I was going to wait until I knew what we were having so I could buy a gender specific color, but I ultimately decided(with the help of Jim) to just go for a gray color that would work for a boy or girl peanut.
I know my hands won’t be free like they were when it was only Miss Abigail, so I’ve been scouting around for good wraps to carry a little one in. I’ve had my eyes on this wrap for a few months now and when they were marked down for Black Friday I just knew I needed to scoop one up. So I did! And I’m so excited to get to use it!
Gender | Oh goodness, I am wavering!!! I have felt 100% confident that there is a little boy in there almost all of this time, but now I find myself thinking about another little girl(who has also shown up in my dreams a few times) and have this wondering inkling that maybe Abigail was right originally. I don’t know! We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂
Looking Forward To | Enjoying the rest of our trip and time in Europe, but I’m also really looking forward to getting home to my girl on Tuesday!

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  1. So sorry to hear you are still sick in Europe! And I feel ha on the no drinking on vacation; it was so tough when I was in Hawaii! I got a Solly baby too and so pumped! Now I just need to add a ring sling to my collection! Baby wearing all the way, we are not a stroller family!

  2. YAY for scoring major deals on Black Friday! Now is the perfect time to be pregnant because you want to buy stuff but don't want to since you only need it for a short time so super score on getting a good deal!
    Just replace free alcohol in Europe with allllllll those extra yummy goodies they have and you won't be missing out 🙂 A beer for Jim and a croissant for you!

  3. It definitely is flying by! I've been researching different wraps too. I held Lily ALL the time and just know that won't be feasible this time around. I'm just nervous I'll have to watch the video tutorial like 5,000 times each time I want to wear the wrap, ha!

  4. Aww I love that little bump! I also bought a wrap on Black Friday and have registered for an Ergo! I hope our little beans like being worn, because I have a feeling it will make things WAY easier!! haha!

  5. Such a fun update. You'll definitely want that carrier. Came in so handy with out #2. I feel like I look way more pregnant than I am!

  6. Your little bump is teeny tiny! So cute! Hopefully you'll get to enjoy the rest of your trip, although I know you are anxious to get back to your sweet girl!:)

  7. Ohhh I will have to look into that wrap. I am currently looking into them because I know I will have to baby wear with an active almost 3 year old on my hands! You look adorable and I hope you're having a great time in Europe!

  8. You've just got the cutest little baby bump!! If you don't already have it, I'd HIGHLY recommend getting an Ergo carrier. Seriously, THE BEST. My boys are 1.5 and 2.5 and I still don't leave home without it!

  9. Sounds like you had a great shopping trip! Wahoo.
    You look great & these baby bump dates make me so happy!!

  10. I just love that baby wrap. I think I will gift this to a friend who's baby is due in 3 months. Cute baby bump :). Nice post

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