Spena Baby Week 34

With only 6 weeks to go I feel like we’re definitely starting to enter ye olde home stretch. The time where all pregnant women start to think, “if I had her tomorrow, would I be ready?”

Answer: Heck no

Solution: Denial

I have one more appointment on Wednesday and then it will switch to weekly appointments. I mean, how holy crap is that?

All I have to say is this: Mabel Elizabeth, you are not allowed to come early. I(and your father) have many things to do before you get here. Also, your Grammy isn’t flying in until May 21st.

Symptoms | So. Much. Peeing. (and also other bathroom unmentionables that I blame entirely on Mabel) A super heavy and sore stomach- I can’t explain it quite right. It just feels tired and stretched? No more swelling from previous weeks though so hopefully the water + rest is helping keep that right where it is. Outgrowing previously adorable pregnancy tops. Yikesabee.

Cravings | No specific cravings this week- I’ve had a lot of “that looks super good” but nothing that I just had to have…..besides some sweets, which isn’t very Courtney like since I’m traditionally a salty champion.

Size Of Baby | Cantaloupe or Butternut Squash!

4.75 lbs and 18 inches long!

Movement | The usual, plenty! She has a foot? elbow? Something that is sharp and pointy that she always sticks out on my right side, right up around my ribs. She also occasionally stretches out big and makes my stomach look crazy oblong- like a strange trapezoid or something. Seriously love it though.

Sleep |
I’m sleeping really great but turning over is an absolute chore. My stomach is feeling so heavy and sore and rolling over is just the WORST. But once I get situated I’m sleeping really well still.

Clothing | It has been rainy and cold this week so the jeans and boots are out for a little while longer. Maybe next week I’ll finally get to convert over to maxi’s alone, but not *quite* yet.

Purchases | Abigail and I went to a garage sale for some church friends who were raising money for a missions trip last weekend and I found a great Fisher Price play mat, a car seat mirror, and a floor lamp to put beside the rocking chair all for $10! Yes!

I’m also looking into buying a support belt to help carry around my stomach, but I’m going to test out using the Solly wrap for that first before I buy anything.

Nursery | 

I found this adorable little side table for $10 at an antique store this week. It is the perfect size for putting right next to my new nursery chair! I’m super happy with it but am trying to decide what to paint it. I asked on my Facebook page and got TONS of great replies! So many cute ideas for this little table, but I don’t know which thing to choose!

Also (cue up the hallelujah chorus), Jim finally started work on Mabel’s crib! He got it completely sanded and now it is ready for the first coat of coral paint. yay! I’m so excited!

Best Part Of The Week | This week was wonderful and there are too many highlights to list! A laid back weekend together, pajama days at home, lattes, Abigail telling me before bed the other night, “You were a really good mama today.”

Can’t Wait For | Mostly just dreaming up and looking forward to little sister joining our party! My Mom got her flights booked for her extended stay when Mabel is expected to arrive, Jim and Abigail are going on a Father/Daughter camping trip soon so I will get to nest + relax to my hearts content, and hopefully we’ll be finishing up that nursery soon!

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  1. These next 6 weeks are going to FLY BY! I can't wait to see A as a big sister. I worry about Jim though… he seems like a man's man and boy, does he have his hands full with all things girl! 😉

  2. SO crazy, mama! I'm with you (on lots of things), but baby girl needs to stay put for a little while, we are not ready yet! But so excited for when the time does come! 🙂

    Turning over at night is the WORST! I don't remember my belly being this big or sore before! Maybe it's a second pregnancy thing?

  3. How exciting! I'm sure you'll get everything finished in time! And I know what you mean about rolling over in bed. It is no joke. Some nights I just give up and stay on the one side because it's too much effort. ha. I hope you have a fun little time at home while your loves are on their camping trip; what a fun idea! 🙂

  4. The peeing – yes. The heavy stomach – yes! I keep trying to tell people it feels like the bottom is going to fall out when I workout, but everyone just looks at me as if I'm growing an arm out of my forehead… So there's that.
    I'm so jealous you've gotten the hubs on board to paint your crib. I'm DESPERATE to repaint our nursery furniture, but no one in my family (not even my mom) thinks it's wise. WHAAAAT?! Why can't they all just agree with the hormonal pregnant lady?!
    Looking fab, momma. I hope Miss Mabel hangs on for another solid six weeks!

  5. You were a really good mama today…versus every other day. ha! Nothing like the inadvertent backhanded compliments from the most innocent. 🙂 Love that Jim and Abigail are going on a camping adventure together! I feel like my belly has felt "sore" this time around too. I definitely don't remember that feeling from being pregnant with Lily. Love that side table too btw!

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