Baby Spena Week 11

So I had a bit of a scare earlier this week. Only scary to me, and everything turned out completely fine, but it seriously shook me up emotionally and I’ve kind of been weepy about everything ever since.

I went for my standard prenatal checkup on Wednesday and was really looking forward to getting to hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time. My Dr. asked if I had any questions for her and I said, honestly, I’m just really nervous, so can we listen to the heartbeat first before we do anything else? So she was like, sure! As she always says, “Let’s listen to this child” (For some reason I love that)

Anyway, she put the doppler on my stomach and there was nothing there….except my own heartbeat. And she moved it all around…and still nothing. She said something like, “oh well, when they’re this little still they can be really hard to find!” and kept searching…and the sound of my own heartbeat filled the room.

She said, “come on baby, come on.” and paused for a moment to do this smush my uterus move and tried again, and there it was. For like a split second. And then it was gone again. Then she searched some more and found it. And then it was gone again.

She told me that “this child is a mover! I can barely count the BPM because as soon as I find the heartbeat, it’s gone again.”

But, count it she did and declared it a rapid 170 beats per minute.

In the lifetime that she couldn’t find the heartbeat I wasn’t upset, I was just kind of thinking, “is this seriously happening to me right now?” but the way things played out, I wasn’t flooded with instant relief because I still kept hearing my own heartbeat and there was never this loud, ringing and certain heartbeat that belonged to the baby(to my ears) I know the Dr. got what she needed because she wasn’t concerned or worried or anything, but I wish that I had asked if we could listen just a little bit longer, because I was so shocked by how it was all happening that I didn’t really get to savor and enjoy listening to baby like I was expecting.

And naturally, I cried in the car on the way home because the emotions of it just kind of caught up with me. I was so glad everything was fine and it probably only felt really dramatic and scary to me, but both of my girls were always easy to find and easy to count and so this really caught me off guard and got me all emotional.

But like I said, all is good. And so now I’m looking forward to my next appointment in a month and I hope that with a few more weeks of growth, it will be A LOT easier to find it next time!

Weight Gain: Do any of you watch the show The Biggest Loser on NBC? (Actually, is that show still even a show anymore?) ANYWAY, you know when they would do their weigh in’s at the end of the show and the scale is like the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen because it fluctuates up and down like 20 pounds either way just to build the drama of what their weight is going to be and you have NO idea where it’s going to land?

That’s my Dr.’s scale apparently.

I stepped on it and was like, “sweet!” I lost a pound! And then it shot up like five pounds and I was like, WHAT!? and then it dropped back down three pounds, and then it went back up and back down and the nurse just randomly grabbed one of the numbers…so okay.

My chart says +3, but I’m totally going with -1

Symptoms: Emotional, skin breakouts, crazy hair, peeing all the time, my fingers are swelling(???), nauseous, tonnnns of saliva(so, so gross. why is this a symptom)

Cravings: None. It goes on a completely day by day basis. I crave nothing but have to search deep within the depths of my soul every meal time for something that might be mildly tolerated. Typically something filled with carbohydrates.

Aversions: All of it.

Missing Most: At the risk of sounding like a lush(oh well) I miss wine and I saw a commercial for margaritas the other day and I’m thinking we’re going to need to find a way to craft delicious virgin versions for me to make it through this summer. Fo sho.

Size Of Baby: A lime!

Sleep: Pretty good minus the trips to the bathroom. Thankfully I can still sleep on my stomach(I’m a big stomach sleeper) but since my stomach is growing rapidly I’m considering finally investing in a pillow like this. Does anyone have one? Is it worth it?

Clothing: Ingrid & Isabel sent me a package of maternity clothes this week and I am LOVING them! They sent me three pairs of pants and a dress(BLESS THEM) and I can’t wait to show them all to you. I have hardly any maternity clothes, so you’ll definitely be seeing them on my Instagram at some point in the near future.

Gender: I have zero intuition about this. The lack of vomiting that I had with the girls makes me think boy, the super high heart rate this week makes me think girl. Jim says our little boy was probably just in there working out and doing some crunches or something, which is what made his heart rate so high. I said it must be because it’s another little girl :p

Abigail says she REALLY wants a little brother, but “she’s pretty sure it’s just going to be another girl” and therefore has started actively campaigning for the baby name, “Zoey”

Looking Forward To:  I have a ladies fellowship with my church friends tonight and I can’t wait to go(hopefully, assuming the dinner time sickies don’t knock me on my butt too harshly) Last month I was way, way deep in the throes of first tri sickness, but I’m hoping I can manage a visit with my friends tonight for the first time in weeks!

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  1. So glad baby slowed down a bit to get a reading! I know that feeling all too well! At both of our appointments so far the baby has been hiding and it takes what feels like FOREVER to find the little heartbeat. Drives me crazy and instantly makes me worry. Now at 16 weeks, I’m impatiently waiting to feel regular movements so I know it’s ok in there!

  2. I hated waiting for a heartbeat. I was pretty much instantly ready to be big and feel movement all the time just for the reassurance!
    And needing all the carbs was so me…so maybe a boy for you too? I needed ALL processed noodle product – easy mac, ramen, knorr and lipton envelope noodles. All.

  3. So happy we can talk through all the crazy emotions & feelings of these pregnancies together! And I absolutely swear by snoogle, and I’m a fellow belly sleeper.

  4. I always felt a little anxious going in for my baby appointments. When I went into the hospital to deliver Fletcher the nurse couldn’t find his heart beat for over 10 minutes. I was freaking out! He’d never been that hard to find on the monitors. Later she confessed that she was new and still figuring things out. I nearly had a heart attack until she got him on the monitor. Sheesh. So I teared up reading about your appointment. Being a mama is such an emotional roller coaster. Hope you start feeling a tiny bit better each day and I’m loving these family predictions & name campaigns. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds 🙂

  5. That is scary! It happened in my last pregnancy, after searching, then bringing someone else to search, they quickly found it and it was gone again. The drs office was fine about it and I was completely traumatized. Here’s to hoping next time it is much easier to find and you get a nice, long listen of that beautiful heartbeat!

  6. GET THE SNOOGLE!!! I didn’t have one with H and B but did with the S and C. So worth it. I love it to much I put it in a space saver bag and brought it on vacation with us when I was about 5 months pregnant. I am a huge stomach sleeper too.

  7. I thought you had been kinda quiet recently so I’m glad to hear everything is ok! It can be so scary when the baby doesn’t cooperate, so I’m glad he (I’m still going with the fact that it’s a boy 😉 decided to cooperate a little and make you feel better!

  8. That is always a fear of mine, so I’m glad everything was ok. I hate having appointments so far apart! I start getting anxious in between. It’s nicer when you can feel the baby moving around.

  9. I’m SO glad they were able to find the heartbeat!! That is so scary when you are expecting to hear something and then it’s just not there. I’m also excited to see your new clothes!

  10. I had a moment like that with my first. My OBGYN actually sent me to get a full vaginal ultrasound to make sure there actually was a baby. Even then, it was a little difficult to find my baby boy because he was small and I have a posterior placenta. So, I understand the moments of freaking out.

    But, you look great so far.

  11. That whole heartbeat thing happened to me when I was pregnant with Holden! Somehow I remained super calm, though I was a nervous wreck on the inside! Lo and behold, it was there and he was fine! I did have to pee really badly and she said a full bladder can hide your baby. Good to know, I guess! Glad everything is okay!

  12. Bless your heart! The nausea is all too familiar! Praying that symptom passes quickly! When I was pregnant, I heard about this wine called Fre. I looked for it every where and couldn’t find it and the other day, as I was strolling through the grocery store, I saw it!

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