The Sickness

Well, after finishing out last week with a high of three new blog posts, I’m closing out this week barely squeaking out one.

Jim was gone on a business trip this week.

Enough said there.

Also, I had BOTH The Bachelor AND the This Is Us season finales to attend to.

Also also, I’m already in the 7th season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Also also also, we only have one episode left of Sherlock.

What can I say….I’ve been clocking in a lottttt of couch/bed/reclining time over the last few weeks.

So, life.

I didn’t get around to a pregnancy update this week. I’m seriously so, so, SO SO thankful to not be vomiting this time around like I did with the girls. Because let’s be honest, puking is the worst thing EVER. But, I still feel just completely awful like…75% of the time(which is an improvement over like…99%!)

And it’s hard to not feel kind of discouraged(even though it’s for the best cause ever ever EVER!) and miss just…your life…and yourself.

The other day Mabel was using my phone(she loves to watch videos of herself…which is basically all I have on my phone) and somehow she pulled up this “memories” video of the last two weeks(seriously, the way she navigates my phone is equal parts terrifying and amazing) and it was set to this lovely music and was a perfect blend of photos and videos and it made me just bawl right then and there- because I’ve been feeling like such a sorry excuse for a Mama lately.

I mean really. We’ve been clocking in serious screen time, couch time, fast food time around here as we just try to survive this relatively short little blip on the baby brother/sister production, and it has come with a hefty share of Mom Guilt(as so many things can do) but watching this lovely little highlight reel, this sweet little video of the last two weeks helped me to see that it hasn’t been all bad(bad isn’t the right word…just go with it anyway!)

We have gone outside for fresh air a few times and have had some epic pajama days.

We have still managed to do school, go to church every week, and occasionally make a short errand or two.

The house might be an enormous mess- but it is lived in by my very favorite people. And another little people is going to be joining us this year to make it even messier.

And as hard as it is to sometimes think about the reality of that…’s also really, really, really happy and exciting and wonderful.

So, while I’ve been over here clocking in the sickness hours for THE BEST CAUSE EVER EVER EVER, I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my thoughts and with my little people.

Sorry for the unexpected blog post filled with both 😉

In other news! I have a fun hair bow giveaway happening over on my Instagram page right now- it ends Sunday at midnight, so get on over there and enter for a $40 Gray Fox Handmade shop credit!

And lastly…..I think we’re going cold turkey on the pacis this weekend.

It breaks my heart to think about doing it. It really does because Mabel loves- I mean LOVESSSS her pacis. But, as time goes by, she isn’t slowly weaning off of them…she’s becoming seriously OBSESSED with them. So much so, that it is kind of becoming an issue with her during the day AND when she is falling asleep at night. She has one in her mouth and one in her hand and she changes them out, but if she drops the one in her hand she needs/wants us to come back in her room and find it for her. Uh yeah…no.

Any tips? Probably not. Just send us lots of prayers and will power and since I can’t have wine….maybe something carb loaded?

I’ll keep you posted. Happy weekend.

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    1. *I should add that although the first few days were TERRIBLE, it’s gotten a lot better and she’s slept through the night twice in a row now and gone to sleep relatively easy! So hopefully it won’t be awful for too long. I think sooner rather than later is probably a good idea, especially if you feel like she is getting too attached 🙂

  1. I love Abigail but Mabel, her expressions and poses are just unreal. Hello picture #2, I am talking to you.
    Also, no mom guilt. Allow grace. Because you wrote that you did school, errands, church, and even a little outside time, all while growing a lovely being. You deserve grace. And wine, which I will not drink for you. Just keep a tally and catch up in a year or so….

  2. Drink something purple out of a fancy glass and pretend it’s wine…maybe you can trick your brain 🙂 Love you, mama! Sending prayers!

  3. Oh man, the pacis. We are in the SAME boat over here. 2nd babe due in August and Calvin is OB.SESSED. with his paci. Keep us updated how it goes! I may be doing the same.

  4. Prayers for a smooth transition. Our daughter was the same, only difference was that we had about 10 pacifiers in her bed at all corners of the bed so no matter which way she layed she could find a paci, haha. We gave them up cold turkey, prepped her for weeks, then gave them to a friends baby girl. Then each time she asked we would tell her Baby Abby needed them. Then she started sucking her thumb…

    Glad you are feeling somewhat better, sort of. Man being pregnant sucks, but the end results make it worth it, but sometimes it’s hard to see that during those 9 months!

  5. Our doctor recommended cutting the tip of the Paci. This worked really well for us. You get to let them have the paci (hoping to reduce meltdowns) and they can figure out on their own they don’t need it. Our daughter thought it was “broken” and eventually gave it up and stopped using them. Wishing you the best with this transition!

  6. oh i hope you start feeling better!!! and m was just playing those musical iphone videos recently, too, and i had never watched them!!! so many feelings!!!

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