Baby Food For Busy Moms

I always enjoy taking care of and feeding my babies, in various ways! I have always been a blend of styles (really, in all of my parenting) when it comes to baby food. I love mixing baby led weaning in along with purees, depending on the day and what baby needs or is wanting at the moment.

I love baby led weaning, because I can just give my littles whatever everyone else is having for dinner. But, when we’re very first starting out, I like to go the puree route as we’re determining that there aren’t any major allergies and just getting the hang of feeding a baby food again! (Plus, it’s just really cute to spoon feed baby. Am I right?!)

I wish I had the time to make my own baby food, but alas, there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to add one more thing to my already busy Mom agenda. Which is why I’m so thankful for the new Gerber 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot puree!

Gerber’s 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot is just like homemade. It tastes like homemade and is textured just like homemade baby food.

Similar to what I would make in my own kitchen, Gerber 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot puree has a thicker consistency that is easier to feed baby with and Finn absolutely loves!

Happy smiles all around! Me, for having healthy, nutritious, and easy to use baby food on hand. And Finn, well, because it’s delicious!

Try out the difference yourself with the new recipe and buy Gerber 2nd Foods® Apple and 2nd Foods® Carrot baby food! You can snag a coupon right HERE!

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