Quality Time With Abigail & Goldfish Crackers

As a stay at home Mom, I spend almost all day, every day with my two girls. Which is wonderful and exactly what I have always wanted! But, something that I didn’t quite anticipate was how hard it can be to find opportunities in a day to have quality one on one time with each of my children. Especially my Abigail!

Though she did spend 4.5 years getting 100% exclusive quality time, so I guess she has a lot of that stockpiled 😉 But that also makes it a bit harder on both of us to not get the one on one time that we had been used to for so long!

I have to always be sure to be intentional and come up with creative ways to share alone time with my favorite big girl.

Some ways that we like to do that are:

  • Snuggling on the couch watching a show together
  • Playing a game
  • Getting outside! We can swing, play hide and go seek, tag, draw with chalk, and more!

And we’re always sure to bring along our very favorite Goldfish snack crackers along with us. Goldfish crackers have been Abigail’s favorite snack for years now! They come everywhere with me- in my purse or my diaper bag. In the car, to the backyard, to church, running errands, or for a quick and delicious snack at home. Wherever we go together, Goldfish crackers is with us!

Goldfish crackers are always baked with real cheese and have absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives. I’m so glad to have a snack like Goldfish crackers because I can always feel good about serving them to my girls!

If you are interested in finding out more about Goldfish snack crackers and ideas for more family fun, you can click the link right HERE!

We also put together a short little video to share our afternoon together with our very favorite snack! You can check it out below 🙂


What are some ways that you spend quality time with your kids?

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  1. Have you ever had their pretzel goldfish? We are fans of those in our house. I only wish they came in big containers and not just the bags.

  2. so cute, you two!!! and i agree, it is SO hard to find quality time with the firstborn… and after those years on their own, i think they crave it! but the littlest things count toward that fulfillment, and i am trying to remind myself of that. and oh you can’t go wrong with goldfish!!! YUM!!!

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