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A Life Lately Post

Wow! It has been way, way too long since I have put together a picture post! I’ve been so busy blogging all sorts of other fun things that the number of pictures that I want to record and remember here has been steadily growing and growing and growing. Anyway, that should make today a pretty fun post, right? Who doesn’t want to see cute girls doing cute things? I know that’s the sort of post I love to see most!

March has been a great month for us so far(though, I suppose it is almost over now.) The weather has been wonderful, we’re plugging along on our house, we’ve been busy doing school, playing outside, running errands, and spending time with family. Basically, all of my most favorite things!

Here are the pictures to prove it!

Miss Mabel LOVES to do “so big!” And we seriously can’t stop making her do it. Anytime one of us gets near her I can guarantee you will hear “howwww big is Mabel??” and she throws those little arms up and concentrates so hard in her face and we all just die- because HOLY CUTE.
Speaking of cute, how cute is her room? I just love it. Someday we’ll have to peel off all the crackling wallpaper and repaint, but, for now. I love it just how it is.
Thanks to big sister, Mabel is a total Disney princess girl. Playing with the Fisher Price Castle and these little magi clip dolls are some of her very favorite toys. And I totally encourage it- because I think it is adorable! (Also, them crossed ankles.)
Abigail is always just so crazy cool. The looks she puts together never cease to amaze me(sometimes in a good way, sometimes not) but either way, she always keeps me on my toes!
This outfit. That hand on her hip. I am done. DONE.
So, I mentioned that we’ve been playing outside. Have we ever! Our backyard is one of our very favorite places to be. We love it so much! The swing set, the trees, the great hide and go seek places. And let us not forget to mention the new game Abigail invented called “Roller Coaster Dream” where you basically run the route of a a roller coaster over and over again. I no longer need to do 30 day shred because Roller Coaster Dream is kicking my butt.
Remember what I said about her style? She kills it.
Our living room is one of the most “completed” rooms in our house, so I always love hanging out in here! It is so light and bright. And ever since we got an ottoman for our yellow chair it’s the best spot in the house! You can find me here every nap time, crafting new posts and the like.
Abigail got some roller blades for Christmas and has been using them like- all the time(in our basement or sunroom.) Perfect enough, there is a homeschool skate twice a month in town so we’ve been hitting those up! This last time, Jim left work early to come skate with her. It was awesome.
IMG_6105 IMG_6145
Every Sunday morning we get to church an hour early to practice music for worship. Abigail runs around with her friends, Mabel sits at my feet. Which, I spy a tattoo peeking! Hooray for warm shoe weather!
I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but almost every lunch time during the week we have FaceTime dates with alternating grandma’s. Some days it is my Mom, some days it is Jim’s, and sometimes we get to talk to my grandparents! Abigail absolutely loves it. She will sit and eat her lunch while grandparents read and talk to her. It’s such a highlight of our days!
Unfortunately I had to wake Mabel up to go somewhere. Fortunately, I got to take this cute picture.
IMG_6229 IMG_6237
“Closed. And please don’t enter”

Abigail is super into writing letters, notes, and signs these days. She’s doing so well starting to read, so she is sounding everything out and writing it down phonetically. I love finding her notes and being able to tell what she was trying to write. Usually it is awesome. Or hilarious. Or a combination of both.
IMG_6252 IMG_6268
This warm weather is bringing out the fat baby legs and we are just so stinking happy about it!
Daylight Savings Time. No further caption needed.
I voted! We all got stickers!IMG_6293
An important milestone in the life of a frequent Target shopper. The girls got to ride in the, as Abigail says, “cool seated carts” together for the first time. The thing is like driving a tank but the girls love it. So, I allow it every now and again. Plus, look at them!
This weekend, my cousin who I rarely get to see, was only an hour or so away for a funeral, so we drove to the hopping town of Mt. Vernon, MO to meet halfway and get to visit for a bit. We found this cute little coffee shop to spend our afternoon at and it was SO great to get to visit! His amazing girlfriend Jennifer came too and I was so happy to get to see and visit with her. Because she’s awesome.
The last time we saw each other was at my little brother’s wedding, and I wasn’t even pregnant yet! So this was their first time to get to meet Miss Mabel.
Which was incredibly sweet.
Also, Jennifer happened to capture this picture of me and Mabesy. And I love her for it.
And just because this guy is so awesome- here is a picture of him being super awesome.

So, that’s some of what we have been up to this month! Keep it up, March.


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  1. I just can’t handle the way Mabel crosses her ankles & puts her hand on her hip. That girl! πŸ™‚

    And can we just talk about how grown up Ms. Abigail looks? She seriously looks on the verge of 7!

  2. Your girls are just the cutest!! I love that picture of you and Mabel: frame-worthy! Your backyard looks awesome too.

  3. I cannot get over your kids – they’re so cute! I love that picture of Mabel with her hand on her hip – gah! I love that you and Jim both play music for your church service – what do you each play? Also- I saw your snapchat removing wallpaper and I have to ask- how do you do that with kids around??? I swear we got nothing accomplished this weekend because either one or both of the kids needed us so often!

  4. What a great month! The photos are all so adorable! The sign is my favorite! I also love that you took them to vote! What a great example and lesson for miss A! Hallie loved getting a voting sticker when I went to go vote! She even asked me “Vote again sticker!” November baby girl! Hang on until then! For now I’ve got her covered with animal and princess stickers!

  5. Mabel is precious and so is her room! I love the colors. Abigail definitely has style. I need to take some lessons from her, because I have zero style. Ha! Your backyard looks dreamy!! Adorable pictures of your precious family.

  6. Loving all the pictures! That picture of Mabel in the plaid shirt with her hand on her hip – I die. So, so cute! And I adore Abigail’s hair in curls! Your girls are so adorable.

  7. Do you find yourself going through photos and thinking “Oh that’s a good one” or “If this isn’t the cutest kid ever”? I do with Connor and have to keep myself from over sharing his cute little face!

  8. Such sweet pictures!! I’m impressed with your wallpaper removal operation. Sounds like you may just be investing in your very own steamer to continue on throughout the house. I’m sure painting over the wall paper sounded like a great idea at some point πŸ™‚ Your home is so bright and cheery. I love seeing you making the place your own.

  9. every time you post something like this, i have so many things i want to comment on and then forget it all by the time i get down here. basically, everything is adorable and cute but specifically: abigail’s style is way better than mine ever was (or is now) and mabel and her crossed ankles/hand on hip, i die. love that photo of you two at the end, and her little brown dress in the picture with abigail is too adorable. also, love the facetiming, i hope we can do that with my mum when i have kids. finally, i died laughing at the closed and please don’t enter sign!

  10. I love your picture posts! Your girls are just the sweetest. Abigail is definitely a little fashionista. i love the headband across her forehead!

  11. Abigail’s closed sign just made my night! She has a future career is sign making πŸ˜‰ So many darling photos! Photo rich posts are my favorite too!

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