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So far our summer has been filled with a whole lot of nothing and whole lot of everything. Does that even make sense? Probably not. But, our days are flying by and filling up, but it isn’t with anything in particular. And any semblance of a schedule is completely and totally out of the window currently.

Which is one of the things I love most about summer! I love that we don’t have to rush anywhere or do anything if we don’t really want to. I love hanging out at home not doing anything specific.

So, here’s a bit of photographic evidence of our fun and lazy summer.

Both girls are seriously obsessed with my sunglasses. Abigail wants to wear them on top of her head. Mabel wants to wear them on her face. It’s fine. It’s not like I need to not be blinded by the sun or anything.

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Can we just briefly mention this romper? Because oh my goodness. I DIE.

Anyway, this summer is the summer of stair climbing and someone(Jim) needing to install a baby gate or two asap.

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Picture taking with two is turning out to be a hot mess these days. Mabel has herself a spunky little personality and is like NOPE. So, naturally, Abigail puts on her first born halo and smiles for me.

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We went to the pool and Mabel wore this swimsuit and a sunhat and I died. And then she made this judgy face while we had to wait for the pool to be “shocked” thanks to someone doing something horrific in the water I would imagine and I died again. Love her.

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So I mentioned that I hosted a pinterest party recently at the house. One of my best friends here in Joplin is moving to Colorado, so we hosted a goodbye pinterest party at our place. We did it our usual style but kind of went with a mountains theme since Colorado is their final destination!

I made the pine cone cheese ball in the bottom left and was pleasantly surprised at how my pinterest food item ACTUALLY turned out.

They just moved this weekend so we had one last dinner at their place to say goodbye. Goodbyes are always so hard!
This is the summer of learning how to feed two kids and myself- that sounds like it shouldn’t be that difficult but I’m still figuring out how much food to buy and how much it is going to cost because home girl likes to EAT.

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Girl is all about them stairs, bout them stairs, bout them stairs.

One day when Mabel was like “No. you may not take my photograph” Abigail was like, “I will!” and proceeded to ham it up with all sorts of hugs and kisses type pictures with Mom. This one was one of my favorites 🙂
So! I took a day trip up to see my BFF, Lauren, and got to hold sweet baby Annie again! She is just the sweetest there ever was. Lauren and I had a good laugh at a side by side comparison of my holding each of her newborn girls in the exact same chair. I looked exactly the same- it was comical.

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While at Lauren’s house, I took about a million pictures of Miss Mabel because the lighting in her house is AMAZING. Seriously, I’m so jealous! Can I rent out her light? For real.

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So, this shirt is pretty self explanatory.


This summer has been the summer of Miss Mabel learning how to steal allll of our drinks(luckily this cup just had water in it!)

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This summer has been the summer of extended breastfeeding and as many snuggles as I can trick her into. She’s getting busier by the day! And while the voluntary hugs and kisses are the best best best, it’s always sad to see the super snuggly baby days go away too.

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Those tippy toes. That cold shoulder dress! The sunlight streaming in the window. Perfect.

How is your summer?


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  1. The “first born halo”…I seriously started laughing so much. That is completely my first and second born. My first is so cooperative and my second, not so much. And the pinterest party looks so fun. Does each person make a recipe off pinterest and bring it? It looks like you guys are having a great summer!

  2. Mabel sounds so much like our resident little lady. The sass, the camera aversion, the stairs, eating all the food. And the first born halo – BAHAHA! That’s Marcus when a camera is in his face.

  3. “First born halo!” Yes! And Finn has slowly moved back the stairs phase which is nice. He was obsessed and it was impossible to take him anywhere with stairs.

  4. I love all the photos of you and your girls. Life has been busy for you. But in a good way. I can’t believe how fast Mabel is growing up and Abigail is being just the sweetest. Have a great week!

  5. mabel’s outfits are so much cuter than anything i own 🙂 love that picture of you and abigail as well.

    i have been a little out of it on social media and such, i just saw your instagram post last night. i hope everything is okay (as okay as it can be) and i am thinking of you and your family. hugs girl xxxx

  6. Cute girls! And I love thier names. Picture taking is pretty similar at our house but now I have a third to throw in the mix. Fun times

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