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The last time I did a day in the life post was January…of 2016! I have done at least two of these types of posts on my blog before (here & here) and at the beginning of both of them I mention how terrible I am at remembering to actually do these posts and have them on my calendar for like weeks and months and still forget to take the pictures…and yeah, here we are again.

Date: April 18th, 2017

Abigail is 6, Mabel is 23 months, Courtney is 28 and also 17 weeks pregnant , Jim is 31

Still using the greatest clock I ever bought which we set for 7:30 am. Mabel has been sleeping later than that, so Abigail wakes up, does her “morning “stuff” (goes to the bathroom and brushes teeth) and then creeps into my room to ask if she can play some iPad until Mabel wakes up and we start our morning.

I can get in a few more minutes of snoozing this way, so I always say yes. (I’ve never woken up before my kids. It’s just not gonna happen.) (Also, pregnant.)

Sometime thereafter, Mabel stirs. (this was a week ago now…so I can’t remember what time it was)

I go into her room and she promptly gives me her paci to put away. I change her diaper and then she’s off to the races.

But not before successfully acquiring this gem of a sister photo.

Then it’s breakfast time! Waffles + fruit fit the bill on this particular day.

After breakfast, the girls mosey into the living room to watch an episode of Daniel Tiger before we start school.

We’re winding down our school year, so we only have CC review and math left to finish up. (She already completed her phonics and language lessons books) So school takes us about an hour or so of a morning.

After she finishes, we head upstairs to all get dressed and ready, and then head out to do something fun!

I manage to take some super high quality photos before we go and then we’re off!

We go to the mall. First stop, TJ Maxx! We decide to shop for some things for little brother, but naturally have to stop and look at the books and toys first.

By the way, Mabel ACTUALLY let me put that clip in her hair. And then she insisted on wearing a headband on top of it(that she put on herself). You do you, little girl.

But then I had to pee (#pregnant) so we used their bathroom and took a silly selfie just like Abigail and I did when Mabel was in my tummy. So precious that cell phones have provided us a way to take memorable pregnancy photos in public restrooms :p

We also stopped at Old Navy and then went to the food court for an early lunch!

The girls love CFA, as do I, so it was a welcome treat. I always always order the spicy chicken sandwich(NO pickles) with coke and the girls always share a chicken strip kids meal with fruit. Then we all share the fries 🙂

Did you know that you can return the toy from your kids meal for a free ice cream? Because you can! Abigail almost always does this, and typically she orders a cone. But on this day, she got a cup so that she could share with Mabel. Awwww….

Then we walked over to the play area in our mall and burned some more energy!

We played until it was time to head home for naps and quiet time!

Mabel got her paci back and laid down for a nice afternoon nap.

Before I left Abigail in her room for quiet time, she helped me out with some modeling for the blog 🙂

I usually set her clock for an hour. She is always back out before Mabel gets up, so she usually has a snack, and then either plays iPad again or we do something fun together like play a game.

(this was a week ago- I don’t remember what she did. Day in the life, fail)

After Mabel was up, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day!

Bubbles, swinging, scooters, digging in the dirt, bicycles, all of it was on the docket for today!

We played outside until Daddy got home from work!

Jim usually gets home around 5:30 and lately he has been the one fixing dinner (because, pregnant + sick)

We had grilled BBQ chicken, green beans, and rolls!

Now, typically once he’s home I get to clock out and rest for the most part…or we would all go back outside and play or go run errands together, etc. but on this night, he actually had to go back to work. So he left around 6ish to go back. And then I was back to being solo!

We played in Abigail’s bedroom….

And facetimed Grammy for a little bit!

Then it was bath time for Mabesy….

And then bedtime! She gets a book, Jesus Loves me, her paci back, her sound machine and fan on, her giraffe, blanket, and on this particular night, this “hop hop” that she decided she needed to sleep with.

I had to go back in a few times after I put her down to return a dropped bunny and because she thought she heard “splat splat” (lightning) but once she was quiet, I didn’t hear from her again until the next morning!

After I put Mabel down, Abigail and I took a shower, and then continued to work on our Scrabble game that we’ve been working on the last few nights! She’s an impressive opponent. A really fun game to play together!

Typically, Jim is on bedtime duty for both girls, so it was fun to have an opportunity to put them both to bed. Abigail gets a book, prayers, snuggles, and then it’s lights out!

Before we leave she always sings (to the tune of the 1812 overture) “See you in the morning when the light turns green!” and then you HAVE to reply “bum bum” (like you’re singing the song) and then she’ll say, “love you!” and you HAVE to reply “love you!” as you’re leaving and then she’ll say, “LOVE YOU!” and you HAVE to say “love you!” through the closed door even though you’ve already left and told her good night.

Every night.

After this I decided to settle in for some baby boy shopping and a nutritious bedtime snack of doritos.

Jim got home around 11, maybe? And then we went to sleep and that was our day!

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  1. I always enjoy these DITL posts. I really need to do one again soon. I love Mabel’s whispy curls and Abigail is seeming so grown up all of the sudden with her scrabble playing and ice cream sharing. Looks like you guys have a pretty great thing going 🙂

  2. iiiiiii forgot how much i LOVE day in the life posts!!!! this is good good stuff. you are knocking it out of the park, lady!! growing and raising and teaching babies all at once!!

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