23 Months Of Mabel!

It’s almost the end of the monthly updates! We are less than a month away from this girl’s 2nd birthday! If you ask her how old she is going to be on her birthday, she will proudly tell you, “TWOOOO!!” and hold up all five fingers on her hand. I die.

So what hasn’t been going on with the little miss over this last month? We’ve celebrated Easter, had visits with family, found out she’s getting a little brother, discovered that she is a wee bit scared of thunderstorms, and the weather has finally turned warm enough to play outside almost every day!

Size: Still fitting in most of her 2T items- though as we cross over to spring/summer clothes I have started to buy her some 3T things(like new summer jammies!). She’s wearing size 7 shoes and is finally letting me put actual bows in her hair instead of just headbands!

Eating: Mostly eating like a champ- I wouldn’t say she is too picky and we haven’t had many dinner time battles. She definitely always wants to eat her bread first, so we try to get to her to eat her other items before we let her have bread and she *usually* cooperates, but with toddlers, ya never know :p

Favorite Fruit: Blueberries

Favorite Vegetable: Green beans

Favorite Food: Currently, frozen waffles. Or donuts. Or maybe pizza.

Sleep: Pretty much the same as last month with a few additional developments. We’re now down to only one paci in the house. She chewed through her second to last paci, so off to the trash it went. If she chews through her final one, that’ll be it for pacifiers. Eek!

She has also started fussing for us to come into her room one or two times after we put her down for various reasons. She thinks she heard a “boom boom” or it’s dark or she “dropped” her paci or her giraffe out of the crib and needs help getting them back. I kind of want her to stop because I know she’s only doing it to get us to come into her room….but I also kind of don’t want her to stop because she’s only doing it to get us to come into her room….and she’s just so dang sweet.

Words: So many words! She has a few that she says totally jacked up, (like Nana for Dada…for starters) but others are really starting to sound just like the word! Most of the time I have to be the one to decipher for everybody else what she is saying- because boy she says a lot and really wants you to understand her!

I also discovered that she can pretty much identify and say every letter of the alphabet. This happened unintentionally in the church nursery on Good Friday service. They had those foam letter puzzle pieces? And she pointed one out correctly, so I kept asking her different ones and she knew them all. It was bonkers.

All of that to say, I guess there’s some silver lining for all of my morning sickness/tv time. Thanks Super Why!

Loves: Her family unit, her grandparents, her paci, going outside, playing in our cars, reading books, running together in circles around the living room, swinging, Mickey Mouse, Super Why, goldfish crackers, watching videos of herself on my phone, doing things herself while simultaneously being carried everywhere.

I took the girls out the other day to get some pictures of them for a giveaway I have coming up later this week and tried to take a few photos of Mabel by herself just for this post. You always think you will remember the little details about them and then you never do- so I’m really glad that I got a few pictures that show just what she looks like right now! 🙂

Some days her birthmark is way more noticeable than others. Sometimes you almost can’t see it and then other times I’ll have three different people ask me if she fell and got a bruise on her face. Nope! Just her cute little birthmark that I secretly love and know she will hate but I hope she’ll love it because it’s just so Mabel. You know?

And with that, the next Mabel update will be for my TWO YEAR OLD! I can’t believe it. Some days I still seriously feel like I’m in the midst of waiting for her. I remember those days so vividly. How long my heart ached and waited and prayed for her. And now she’s going to be two. That is crazy!

But we love her so, so, so much and she is just the very best, sweetest, funniest, more adorable girl with just the best personality. We’re all 100% obsessed with her and are so thankful that she is part of our family!

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  1. Aww, sweet girl! I love that she holds up all five fingers when she says she is two. So cute!! I adore all of the pictures of precious Mabel.

  2. Twenty-three months! Where did the time go!! Shes absolutely a doll. And I love her birthmarks too. Both my baby cousins have them and it makes me smile every time I see her.

  3. I can’t believe she’s going to be 2 in 2 weeks! Her age right now is my absolute favorite. 18 months – 2.5 years. Babies learning to speak is the best.

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