Baby Spena Week 17

Dress C/O // Sandals 

Symptoms: Week 17 has finally turned a corner and I’m no longer sick like I was! Thank goodness! This is a smidge earlier than both girls, so, while I wasn’t lucky enough to get a reprieve as soon as 2nd tri started, I guess having a boy did lighten the sickness load a little bit. Thanks hormones! I’ll take it.

Otherwise, tons of trips to the bathroom, super smell powers still, super dry skin, swelling, super sore boobs, and afternoon sleepiness. Though, I’m really hoping my energy levels will go back up again soon- it’s starting to feel that way.

Cravings: Nothing specific, I’ve never been like a I NEED TO HAVE THIS NOW pregnant chick, but I will say, queso and chips still hold a special place in my heart right now. The salty + cheese is just like, yes.

Aversions: Thankfully nothing too specific now. The other day Jim made tacos for dinner and I was like NOPE, but for the most part, I’ve been able to join family dinners again and have started to eat more normally again. As I said already, THANK GOODNESS!

Size Of Baby: A turnip! 5 oz and 5 inches!

Movement: Finally yes! I felt Mabel during week 15 so I kept watching out for that. Then at my OB appointment around that time they all asked if I was feeling baby yet? annnd I totally wasnt, so that made me really nervous! But once I clocked into week 16 I’ve been feeling baby a few times throughout the day. Love love love it!

Sleep: A lot of times I nap in the afternoon, and then stay up super late at night…and never wake up before the girls in the morning. But, overall, sleep is still pretty good!

Clothing: All maternity and getting reallllly tricky to find things that I want to wear and feel happy in. I have one pair of maternity shorts from my last Stitch Fix box that I literally wear like, every day. So I think I’m going to need to get another pair(or two) of maternity shorts. I love the idea of maxi dresses and skirts, but the truth is, I’m mostly just a jeans and tee kind of gal. So I’m always going to reach for my denim before I go for anything else.

Gender: IT’S A BOY! Seriously so excited and still can’t believe it.

We have a first name and are trying to nail down a middle. I have THEE cutest ultrasound pictures that I need to get around to uploading so that you can see his adorable little face. And now that I think about it, I should probably just write an entire post about his ultrasound anyway 🙂

Purchases: Also another post that I need to put together! I’ve been working my way through tonnnns of recommendations for shops and stores for adorable baby boy things. This is completely foreign territory, because I’m pretty sure I have bought baby boy clothes um…never. I wandered over to the Carter’s boy section for the first time EVER and was like….what am I even looking for?

But also, come to find out, I am like, super super picky about my little boy clothes. Like, even way more picky that I am for my girls. The adorable baby boy clothes exist- it’s true! They’re just a little(lot) harder to find…except for Cat & Jack. They’re just all over the place with their adorableness.

Looking Forward To: Baby kicks getting strong enough for Jim and Abigail to feel! I don’t think it will be much longer now. He’s growing stronger every day!

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  1. I feel like with baby boys you just have to find your style. Then it’s easier to shop from there! I pride myself on the things I find, and often conor wishes it came in his size! Yay for feeling better and joining family dinners.

  2. Cat and Jack is seriously where it’s at! I love the modern look to their clothes. I’m not a sayings on kids clothes gal, so those work well for me. I also love h&m, Gap, baby Boden and Zara.

    Another thing about having a boy, and this may have been complete happenstance for me, I lost my pregnancy weight so easy with both my boys, but it stuck around for over a year with Isla.

  3. i don’t even have a kid and i’m super picky about baby clothes. it’s weird.
    yay for feeling better and feeling baby! i’m with you – again, not pregnant lol, but i like the idea of dresses but i know i’ll grab shorts or jeans most of the time, like i do now.

  4. I would be super picky with boy clothes too, I get it! There are so many cute ones though, have fun hunting!!! So excited for you!

  5. Awww so sweet. Think that is the most frustrating part about having a boy, there is always a ton of girl clearance racks and maybe 1 for the boys. I try to buy things a year in advance when I see stuff go on sale. But in general there is good boy stuff out there, but harder to find than the girl stuff 🙂 You’ll have fun when he gets into trucks and dinosaurs and such, it’s fun.

  6. Aww! Going so quickly. I can’t wait to hear his name and see the sonogram pictures. Those are always my favorite!

  7. There is something SO special about being a boy mom. You are going to love it more every day!
    I’ve always been picky about baby clothes, but a favorite combo in cool weather was jeans, a cute tee shirt, and an unbuttoned flannel over the top…which I also love for myself!

  8. Yay!! There are cute little boy options, but I feel like you have to search for them. The girl’s sections are twice the size of the boys. So silly! I love boy clothes from Cat and Jack, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, anything monogrammed and Sams always has cute Carter’s things for like $6.

  9. AMEN for the end of morning sickness!!
    Cute boys clothes (all found via the ‘gram) :: @finandvince @childhoodsclothing @candykirbydesigns @helloapparel

  10. Do share your baby boy clothes finds 🙂 Hooray for turning that sickness corner, man that first trimester is for warriors. My doctor told me it isnt uncommon to not feel baby move up to 24 weeks (doesnt that sound like forever?!) but thankfully Easter Sunday has brought forth the jabs and flutters.

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