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It’s pretty hard to believe that we have been living in our new house for seven months now, but alas, here we are! And loving every single minute of it. Making it ours a little bit more every day has brought us so much happiness and we are thrilled with the progress we have made so far.

We still have a long way(and a lot of years ahead of us!) to go but I thought it would be fun to share a little before and after progress of what we have done in some of the rooms so far. Hopefully I can put together another post like this on our one year home anniversary!

This picture was taken on our inspection day. Jim and our realtor walked all around the house and the girls and I sat in our future dining room eating lunch and dreaming about our new home! I love this picture.


So how about we start with the exterior! We did so much work on this area this spring!


We started with overgrown hedges, a white front door, a storm door, blue shutters, and white shutters in the upstairs windows.


Progress! (And basically what it looked like the night I forgot about dinner group– lol!)


And currently! So far I haven’t killed any of these plants. Go team! I painted the shutters and drew up a vision, Jim did everything else. Ha!



This front door was such a beast. We literally had a green sheet hanging as a front door for like…weeks. Super class, I know. But it was worth it! This door looks so amazing now.

You can read the entire exterior reveal post HERE!


And because I’m the queen of forgetting to take before pictures, I still wanted to mention our backyard! We stripped and stained the deck, moved the patio furniture and spruced it up, hung up Edison bulbs, painted the columns, and had a large dead tree cut down(on top of tons and tons and tons of tree trimming, leaf picking up, and grass growing.)


And here is the before and after of Miss Abigail’s bedroom! You can see a full room tour for her HERE!

IMG_8503 IMG_8499

Abigail’s bedroom is the only room in the house that we have removed the dreaded painted over wall paper from, and let me just say, I am NOT looking forward to doing more of that around the house. Blerg. But, once again, SO worth it. Her room looks amazing now!


No before picture here- but I feel like I always forget to share pictures of our master bedroom? So here you go. This will be a before picture someday!


Here is the before and after of our cute little guest room! This room is pretty tight so it is hard to photograph, but it is amazing how a few coats of white paint can seriously brighten up the space. I love it in this room and I hope that our guests love it too!



One of my most favorite before and after’s is our living room! This is pretty much one of the only rooms in the entire house without painted wallpaper, so it was easy to just slap up some new paint and sit back and enjoy it!


We’ve added a rug, desk, curtains, a bigger tv, and some other fun decorative pieces. I really love how this room is coming together!


Here is part of our entry/side of our living room that has been tweaked again and again…..


This was the “totally empty dude we need some furniture asap” phase.


We finally got that chalkboard hung up on the wall! Hooray! So now I can finally get to decorating that cute TJ Maxx side table.


Dining room on moving day…


Dining room today. All we’ve done in here is move in furniture, hang some pictures, and some curtains. This room will be getting a total makeover someday but it will be a big to-do. So it gets to wait a bit.


The kitchen on move in day with the bang your head repeatedly chandelier and the will die tomorrow with all of your groceries inside of it refrigerator.


Today! So far we’ve added the island, changed the light fixtures, painted the blue walls, and added a few decorative pieces.

Oh yeah, and a new refrigerator the day after we moved in.




I have just recently started to do some work on this sun room!


I rearranged the configuration of Abigail’s things out here, painted all of the trim, painted the walls, painted the ceiling(I have since finished it but don’t have a recent picture!), and replaced the ceiling fan.

We love this room and spend so much, so, so much time out here.


I give you: an evolution of an entryway, lol.




The green is all painted over wall paper, so it will be going at some point. So in the meantime I have taken it upon myself to play around with different wall decor configurations since we’ll be redoing the walls soon anyway.

We keep changing the light fixture and I’m still not sure I’m in love. With the super low ceilings in the entry way I feel like it is impossible to find just what I’m looking for! But, this light fixture will definitely work for now.


And here is a before and after of our upstairs bathroom. It will be getting a total re-do at some point as well, but for now the bright white paint and some cute updated things on the walls have really helped the wait for that to be a whole lot more bearable! In fact, I kinda love it now.


And that’s our before and after for now! Jim has done a lot of other things that aren’t as noticeable in photos, like updating electrical, installing a disposal, and endless hedge trimming and yard work. But for only seven months in, I have to say I’m pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished so far!

Which is your favorite update?


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  1. Everything looks great! I really love the entry light now! We just replaced the fan in Wyatt’s room & will hopefully get to Cash’s tonight as long as it doesn’t storm. It’s amazing what taking down a brass circa 1996 fan/light combo can do for a room. Wy’s paint color looks completely different. We have so many plans for so many rooms. We just need an unlimited budget & time. haha!

  2. I’m so in love with the exterior of your home! It looks like it’s straight from a magazine 🙂 You’ve done a great job making this home your own!

  3. Wow you’ve done a lot… I love it all! I really love your deck and I want to hang lights too! My husband isn’t sold on the look, but clearly he’s just not tuned into what’s in!

  4. it is soooo fun to scroll through this! y’all have done a TON!!! and totally on the “things you can’t see” work… ours has been way too much of that. and we learned that all our walls are paint over wallpaper, too! but ours isn’t as old so it’s not rippling… i figure it’ll be a lovely little problem for future owners one day ha!!

  5. I’ve really been loving seeing all the work you have done. And Abigail’s room, love it! My husband wants to get one of those things that hangs over the bed too…I think my favorite make over is your family room, so bright and cheery, love that yellow chair!

  6. they are all my favourites! the exterior looks amazing and i basically love everything else. i’m sorry about the fridge but i like the new one better anyway haha. that’s my dream fridge with the side by side. i have the bottom drawer as a freezer. our fridge is like from the 80s and i’m not quite sure how it is still alive, i keep hoping it will die so i can buy a pretty new one.
    anyway. i would love a sunroom in my next house… the cats would love it haha.

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