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I am so excited to share our new home with you today!
Initially, I thought I would be able to do an entire home tour in one giant post but uh….nope. So, today you are getting the tour of our upstairs! Along with a few sneak peeks and favorite things about our new home.
I’m hoping over the next few weeks to also show you the downstairs and the exterior/outside area as well.
We have SO many plans and projects lined up for this place. (No really. An enormous Jim crafted excel spreadsheet with week to week and month to month prioritization exists on both of our computers)
But, even though we have so many thoughts and ideas and things to do here- we also just really, really, REALLY love it just how it is! Filled with so much charm and character and things that you just can’t find in brand new homes these days.

So here are the deets on our place:

Built in 1941

2600 sq ft above and a 850 sq ft unfinished basement

2 car detached garage

Beautiful backyard and deck

Annnnnd wonderful things like:Unique windows Chain locks A curved staircaseAn old timey mail slot(that YES! our mail actually comes through)Subway tiles + natural lightGlass door knobs And beautiful built in dressers, shelves, and cabinets all over the house!

So, for today’s tour, I’m going to show you what all you will find when you go up the stairs- I’ll also let you in on what we have done so far, and what we still have left to do!

Here goes!

Coming up the stairs, you are greeted with our very first gallery wall in the house!
If you remember, our gallery wall in our last home was all black frames. So I painted them!
I had a few sample paint cans of white paint for the living room that I went ahead and used on some of my black frames + interspersed with some cheap Ikea frames as well.
At the very top of the stairs and directly to the left, is our master bedroom.

This room is HUGE and was entirely way too challenging to try and photograph the entire thing. So far all we’ve done in here is hang the sunburst and one(yes, one) curtain.

To do:

Hang TWO curtains

Install a ceiling fan

Build doors or drawers for the open built ins(Jim has the exact same on his side- along with a closet exactly like mine)

And, long term, we’d like to add an en suite bathroom in our room. We share a wall with the upstairs bathroom, so we’d like to add another toilet, sink, and possibly a shower. But that will be way, way down the road!When you come out of the master, there is one little step up into the rest of the hall. If you turn left, there is our hall closet,(which is filled with pillows, sheets, and blankets. Along with our medicine cabinet and my hair styling supplies) a cedar closet, and another closet that we’re currently using to store all of our games. It also has attic access.

And then there is the upstairs bathroom:This bathroom looks exactly how it did on the day we moved in. We’re preparing for a major gut job/reno in this bathroom, so we haven’t done a thing in here yet.

Other than the gorgeous tiled floor, everything is going. I’m lookin at you midget toilet. (Not shown, midget shower. no lie. I’m 5 7 and the shower head hits about shoulder level.)
To do: 
Replace vanity, mirror, toilet, bathtub, and shower. 
Pull down (PAINTED) tile and replace with…..drum roll please- shiplap!

Install new lighting

And obviously, finally bring some decor and personalization into this bathroom!

I should mention the plans for the hallway/entryway area-
Almost every square inch of this home is painted over wallpaper over plaster. Yes.
I cringe just typing that out.
Even the ceilings.
Truthfully, the colors in this home aren’t awful and I’m happy to live with them for a bit. But, what I’m not down with, is the peeling up edges and corners of all of the wallpaper. Along with this really nice crackling effect that is basically everywhere. Yeah. So, needless to say, we have a ton of work to do when it comes to that- because we can’t just slap up some paint and call it a day.
So in this entry/hall we will eventually be doing a layer of skim coat and then painting over- but that will be a bit because it is a HUGE job.
We’ll also be replacing the hall light!
To Do:
Skim Coat


Replace Light 
Hang More Wall Art 
On the opposite side of the upstairs are both of the girl’s rooms. Abigail’s is on the left by the bathroom and closets and Mabel’s is on the right by the built in dresser.
Here is Mabesy’s room!
I just love her sweet nursery! The color on the walls was already here and it makes me feel like this precious room was made just for her.
Unfortunately, once again this room is painted over wall paper blerggggg. It looks fine in pictures and is fine for now, but, eventually, it needs skim coat and fresh paint. I also need to hang up a curtain or two, but otherwise, her room is finished!
To Do:
Skim Coat


Hang Curtains
And here is Abigail’s bedroom!
Her room is absolutely massive! The long term plans for her room are for her and Mabel to share someday. With two built in dressers and TWO closets, it will be perfect for that. But until then, her room serves as her bedroom AND her playroom. Every single toy we own fits in this bedroom- with one empty closet and dresser to spare.

Her entire room is going to be getting a makeover- which I am SO excited about! We already got her a new bed, bedding, and some decor(the ice cream lamps, pillows, and some wall art) but we still need to….

To Do:

Skim Coat

Paint walls 

Paint doors

Install her (hideous) pink ceiling fan(remember that?? It made the move with us ;))

Hang netting to make a reading nook 

Purchase rug 

I absolutely can not wait to make her space even more organized, lovely, and fun! It is such a fun room- she loves playing up there- that I am super excited to make it just perfect for her(and her little sister, for whenever she gets to join the party!).

So there you go! That is our entire upstairs home tour. What do you think!? Any design suggestions? Tips or tricks? Let’s hear it!

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  1. Courtney! I love, love, love! Everything is so charming & definitely has some character. I'm so excited to see how you guys make it your own.

    Please tell me, why oh why did they paint over wall paper??

  2. I love it and can see why you guys fell in love with it too! SO much character! And good luck with that painted over wallpaper…what in the world possessed those people to do that!?!?

  3. You had me at that curved staircase and gorgeous oval window. Love. B and I's first house was over 100 years old, and I still miss that home. We had the big crystal doorknobs, high ceilings, big windows and natural light. And I miss everything about it. You are SO right, they just don't make homes like they used to. We too, had to deal some of the painted over wallpaper and other quirks, but the charm was so worth it:)

  4. OMG! What a gorgeous house! I am a sucker for vintage details like that!! Our plan is the same with the boys' rooms. When we finish our basement renovation (BAH!) we'll move into the master suite down there, and Weston will get our room. It is massive with two closets, and will be perfect for the boys to share when baby #3 comes someday! I can't wait to see the rest of the house. I'm in love! HAHA 🙂

  5. Oh my, I am obsessed with your house! I'm sure it was worth the wait! All those built ins remind me so much of the older homes on the east coast (when we lived there). So much better than something brand new!

  6. Okay, you're living in my dream home! It's perfectly imperfect all at once. The charm is irreplaceable. I'm obsessed with crystal doorknobs. And built ins. And the dang curb appel has me with all the heart eyes! But I love your vision too…I love that it's not already "perfect" and that you get to make it it your own…peeled wallpaper (EEESH) and all. (But really who paints over wallpaper EVERYWHERE including ceilings)?! I'm already obsessed with following along this Spena home journey!!!

    Oh..and how could I forget…THE FUTURE SISTER ROOM maybe made my stomach flip with excitement. Hope and I shared a room for a while too. Sisters <3


  7. Hooray!! I'm in love with all of it, especially the built ins, glass door knobs (I'm getting some for my house) and of course the wood floors!!

    Painted over tile and wall paper??? Yuck!! Jim will have fun with that 😉

    And, um, I was just looking at that bedding at target for Ellie!!! I love gold and polka dots so much!!!

  8. It's gorgeous and soooooo charming!! Loved seeing all the built ins, the vintage charm and loved hearing your plan for things. Your house has so much personality and so much to love about it. That woodwork is to die for!! Can't wait to see how you tackle the walls, renovations and make things your own.

  9. Such a beautiful home! I'm sure after you all finish fixing it up and making all of those changes it will be even more beautiful! I love all of those built in shelves and dressers and that staircase… oh goodness! I can't wait to see the downstairs and how you fix it up eventually.

  10. So lovely! All those built ins make me smile and the glass knobs, sigh. Too bad about the painted wallpaper(??!!) I cant wait to see the shiplap in the bathroom! And I felt something was "off" but couldnt place it until you wrote midget toilet, ha! Totally reminded me of the tiny toilets used at preschools!

  11. Swoon. I love old homes that come to life with a little revamping. The outside of your home is gorgeous and the inside is too…SUCH CHARM! Love, love, love. And the girls will LOVE sharing a room one day!!! It's perfect. Seriously.

  12. ahh i love this so much!!! your new house is an absolute DREAM and i could not be happier for you guys!! and i feel ya on the to-do plans!!! except my husband decided not to go for the spreadsheet planning, but instead he opted for a tiny, handwritten list that includes "pimp'n." his spelling. and yes, he's already crossed it off. baby steps… 😉

  13. So fun to get a peek into your new house!
    I was showing Steve all these photos last night because everything is so beautiful!
    That photo of Mabel sitting on her bedroom floor. . . PERFECT!

  14. So you said if you shared yours I have to share mine. I can do part one – the actual apartment {which is the upstairs because we live on the third floor}. And part two – the ground, the mailbox, where we park our car, and the pool with the awesome slide Linc is begging to go on}. Perfect!

    Why is your house so cute?!?!

  15. Oh my goodness, Courtney! Your house is a dream come true! SEE! God had a plan when your other house didn't sell right away. You might not have gotten this house! Your decorating is perfection. Even though the wallpaper is painted over, it looks amazing. I don't hate the colors either! I love how crisp and white everything is. That's my dream. I can't do it in our current house because we're renting but the next house I buy…everything goes white!

  16. I am OBSESSED with this house, it has so much charm.. and those floors!! Good call on the shiplap in the bathroom, that will look amazing and I can't even comprehend what went through the previous owner's heads (painting on top of wall paper)… seriously…

  17. I'm so excited to finally see some of your sweet, sweet home!! I could just scream, it's so beautiful! I LOVE all of the detail! We had to pull painted wallpaper (layer after layer) down and paint too, so good luck when you start tackling that!

  18. I'm loving this tour! I found myself eye guzzling each photo! All the closets and built ins are to die for! Love, love, love it! I do hate that about all the wallpaper though. That's a bummer but can't wait to hear more about the bathroom reno!

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