Home Sweet Spena

On November 29th(for the record, that’s three days after Thanksgiving, and ONE after we got back) we loaded up our truck and moved out of our sweet first house and moved in to our second.The entire weekend and the whole process of moving into our new place was just about as dramatic and ridiculous as it could possibly be. Anything that could go wrong did(think massive miscommunication, rain, cold, sickness, our realtor was in Africa….on and on)and it was insanely stressful.

And, maybe someday I’ll write out all of the details for posterity, but at this point, I’m mostly just tired of thinking and talking about it, so we’ll skip over it for now.The weekend after Thanksgiving isn’t an ideal time to move when you’re using only your church family to help you. Alost everyone is out of town. Eek! So, we were few in number, but the people who came to help were seriously AMAZING. And worked so crazy hard. No thank you’s in the world can come close to touching how much help they were and how we couldn’t have done it without them.One of my good friends came and brought her son with her. It was beyond perfect because instead of being all up in our business the entire day, Abigail had a friend to play with!! They unpacked her toys together and watched a show and ran around together and it was fantastic.

Jim and I went back to the house to get our final few things and to finish cleaning it up(oh hey there cat hair that’s been living under our bed for 5? years) and say goodbye. And, I kept waiting to get emotional. But? It never happened. I mostly just felt like, our house was really good to us. Really good. And it was exactly what we needed when we needed it. But it was definitely time to move on- literally and figuratively. And so we drove away and haven’t looked back since.

(Except for when I had to take our water bill back to the community center last week and was like Ohhhhhh myyyy goshhhhhhhh why did we live out here for so long this drive is RIDICULOUS.)

Anyway, back to moving day.

Our closing dates got messed up and we weren’t able to actually buy our new home before we were moving out of our current place(additional stress), but fortunately, this home was vacant so the seller let us rent it from her per day until closing. So we weren’t able to do any projects before we moved in(no painting, no hanging pictures, etc etc) but we were able to really deep clean and scrub and unpack everything and get organized.


We sold our first home on December 1st and closed on our new home on December 11th.

And it has been amazing how we are settling in here.

I expected to be upset about leaving our last home, but I wasn’t.

I was worried that I might not like this house, but I love it.
I knew where we would put our things, but couldn’t visualize it.
Yet somehow, every single piece of our furniture just fits. It’s like this house was custom made, just for us.

All of the stress, and work, and worry, and doubt, and uncertainty was all absolutely worth it. Because we are home. And we fall in love with it more and more every single day.

I can’t wait to share all of our new place with you- and projects! galore! exciting!

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  1. I love your new house! It's so picturesque. I fully expected us to buy an older home that had been updated, and we went a completely different direction. Moving Thanksgiving week is a pain in the bum, but it's good to hear you're getting settled in. We still have a few boxes to unpack, which I should probably get done before these babies arrive.

  2. SO SO happy for you!!! I'm so sorry everything was SO crazy leading up to it, but like you said, so worth it to be falling more and more in love with your new house everyday! Merry Christmas in your NEW HOME!

  3. cuuuutest house EVER!! y'all are amazing, you did such a great job with all of it!!!! and i'm with you, i almost drew out the details of our moving day drama but by the time i was documenting i just couldn't anymore with that, ha!

  4. Such a cute house!! The kitchen is to die for and I love the paint colors the previous owner chose!! Glad you're getting settled!

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